The Bread Baker’s Apprentice – Sourdough

April 21, 2010 in BBA, breads by amanda

Sourdough is officially the thorn in my side. This loaf was my 3rd try at the Bread Baker’s Apprentice version. I tried it when I first bought the book and it broke my stand mixer. Granted, it was no Kitchenaid but it wasn’t exactly a dinky mixer – it did make brioche for me. I threw my starter away after that and vowed not to try sourdough again. Then I joined the BBA group and knew I’d have to try again. I made another starter and ended up with flat, hard sourdough. My starter had failed me. The starter was working fine on it’s own so I wasn’t sure what happened. For the sake of the challenge, I tried again and added a tiny pinch of yeast to the dough. It did the trick but I’m still feeling like a sourdough failure.

I made this bread a couple months back and since then I’ve had to throw that starter away. I’m working on yet another starter to finish out the sourdough breads in the book but can I tell you how frustrated I am by sourdough? I consider myself a fairly decent bread maker and it’s super annoying that there’s a bread I just can’t conquer.

The bread was good. Not as sour as one that had been made with only wild yeast but it was still obviously sourdough. I would actually love to make it again once I get my starter issues worked out.

If you’re interested in trying Peter Reinhart’s sourdough formula check out The Bread Baker’s Apprentice and then visit the BBA blogroll to see how the other bakers are doing.

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