Alternately titled, “The Cake That Made Me Cry. Twice”

I don’t know if I told you guys that we moved recently, but it’s the reason my posts have become less frequent. Hopefully one day soon I’ll be back to my normal baking/blogging schedule but for now I’m really struggling.

Natural light has gotten the best of me. In our old place I had the lighting figured out. I knew which windows I had to use at which time of day. Now, not so much. I can’t find decent light to save my life. The neighbors probably think I’m nuts because on more than one occasion I’ve carted all my stuff out to the sidewalk for pictures.

This cake only added to the problem by being extremely unphotogenic.

This recipe is another one that’s been on my “as soon as I get some cardamom” list. The cake is much spicier (not hot spicy, of course) than I expected but that’s just because I’m still not sure what to expect with cardamom. Once you get over that initial spice shock, the cake is really good and actually reminds me of Chai tea.

As with all crumb cakes, the crumb topping is the best part. Seriously if I could make any entire cake out of nothing but crumb topping, I would. And because of that crumb topping, I will forgive this cake for giving me such a hard time. I might even make it again one day.


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