PPQ – Chocolate Chip Cookies

September 26, 2010 in cookie by amanda

This week’s Project Pastry Queen recipe was chosen by Kalyna who chose the chocolate chip cookies. We all have a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and this one happens to be The Pastry Queen’s favorite.

The other PPQ’ers had warned that the dough was a little strange – some said the proportions were off, others said they spread too much – and I have to agree. Generally when I see a recipe that calls for at least as much brown sugar as white, I expect a soft, chewy cookie. These guys? Not so much. They’re pretty crispy for chocolate chip cookies. They also spread a lot more than other cookies and burned around the edges before cooking in the center.

The cookies are good, no doubt about it, but just not what I expected. The combination of pecans and walnuts was delicious with the chocolate even though my husband swears he can’t even tell there are nuts in them.

Check out Kalyna’s blog for the recipe and make sure you check out the Project Pastry Queen blogroll to see how everyone else liked the cookies.

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