PPQ – Strawberry Ricotta Cake

It’s my turn again to choose the weekly Project Pastry Queen recipe! I tend to mull over my PPQ choices for hours or even days but with this one, I literally opened the table of contents, saw the word strawberry, and my decision was made.

The cake is supposed to be a domed 3-layed cake but as you can see, I went for cupcakes. I filled the cupcakes with the ricotta filling but – wait for it – I added chopped strawberries to the ricotta mixture because you can’t have strawberry in the title of a recipe and only have strawberries on top. It’s just not right. It turned out to be a great decision and the ricotta mixture, after sitting for a couple hours in the fridge, tasted like strawberry frozen yogurt! It also kept the cupcakes super moist.

If you want to do cupcakes like I did, fill the liners to the top because these really don’t spring up much. Also, baking time – I’d say 15 – 20 minutes. Just keep a close eye on them. I halved the recipe and ended up with 12 cupcakes, only needed about 1/4 of the filling recipe, and 1/4 of the whipped cream so keep that in mind if you are doing cupcakes. I’d hate for you to waste ingredients! To fill the cupcakes, I took a paring knife and cut a small triangle out and spooned the filling in. Because of the texture of the angel food cake, it was more difficult than a regular cupcake but well worth the trouble. I promise.

Make sure you visit the rest of the Project Pastry Queen ladies to see how they did with the cake!

Strawberry Ricotta Cake


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