Happy Sunday, y’all!

Last cheater week, I promise. Maybe.

Okay, hopefully.

My life is still a crazy busy mess. So crazy that BF was actually in charge of this recipe. He made these Texas Toast Pizzas for the boys months and months ago and I noticed them when I was scrolling through the pictures on my phone while avoiding doing something important and time sensitive early last week.

ANYWAY. I casually mentioned to him that I was thinking about making them for this post and the next day all the ingredients were magically in the kitchen and he was ready to make them for me.

If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I don’t deserve him.

Also, yesterday he was outside washing his truck and came inside and said, “There’s a big long-haired German shepherd out here if you want to meet it” and yes, of course I want to pet the giant dog while you make small talk with the neighbors. This is exactly how I need this relationship to work.

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Sweet Tea Mules – a southern twist on the classic mule. Sweet tea vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice! So easy and so delicious!

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!

I made drinks for those of us that will be spending it alone. Let’s all get heart shaped pizzas and have Sweet Tea Mules while we watch Netflix with our dogs.

I am such a Valentine’s Day scrooge and I don’t really know why.

I love everything pink and glittery and covered in hearts, I bought myself the most gorgeous orange tulips yesterday because everyone has beautiful flowers right now and I can’t say no, and I will 100% be stalking the local cupcake place to see if they have Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes but still, I just don’t love Valentine’s Day.
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Pizza Muffins – only 5 ingredients! Canned biscuits pressed into a muffin tin and filled with pizza sauce, pepperoni, and cheese! Kids love these!

Pizza Muffins - only 5 ingredients! Canned biscuits pressed into a muffin tin and filled with pizza sauce, pepperoni, and cheese! Kids love these!

Is this cheating?

You guys, it’s all I had time for this week. Plus, I know ya’ll love a quick and easy recipe every once in a while. Five ingredients, nothing to prepare in advance, and kids love them.

So how was the week? We had another busy one because of the move. We were back and forth a lot and I had to get power and water and I still haven’t had time to get a mailbox but that’s number 1 on the list for tomorrow. And it’s stupid cold in Texas again and I just don’t want to go anywhere or do anything because I am not made to function in cold climates.

Freezing rain this morning, guys.

Freezing. Rain.

I’m not cut out for it.

Truly don’t know how I survived in Colorado for 4 years.

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Hi guys, I don’t usually post on the weekends but I’ve been holding onto the photos for this Loaded Baked Potato and Cauliflower Soup for weeks now and wanted to get it post while the weather is terrible and we’re all freezing.

I had plans today, got all the kids in the car, and then immediately drove home after putting gas in the car because I literally couldn’t.

Too cold for me.

Everyone keeps saying, “Amanda, it’s February, of course it’s cold” but y’all, last February I was wearing sleeveless dresses in New Orleans during Mardi Gras and not complaining about it being too cold to have a Jeep.

Summer needs to hurry.

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Pizza - La Roma Pizza & Subs, Temple, TX


I didn’t make a pizza this week because we moved and I didn’t tell you we were moving because I am the kind of weirdo that gets scared of jinxing things if I talk about them.

But you guys.

I love our new house so much and it’s in the the town I used to drive around and hope that one day, if I stayed in Texas, I’d move to.  And it’s right down the street from the lake and stupid close to my favorite taco truck.

I couldn’t be happier.

It’s really only about 40 minutes from where we were but if you’ve ever been to Killeen, you know what a difference a 40 minute drive makes.

Last night was our first official night here and everything is still in boxes which is why there’s no pizza this week. Best boyfriend ever did pick up pizza from a local place so it still counts, right?
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