Queso Fundido - the best cheese dip! Hot, spicy, and perfect for any party!

Happy Monday!

It’s a happy Monday because Cinco de Mayo is just days away! And I think that you deserve to have chips and Queso Fundido for dinner.

Because why not?

So how was the weekend? It monsooned here in Texas. My entire house filled with a burning smell during the storm and that caused me to call maintenance out here at 11 pm on Friday night and, OF COURSE, the smell was gone by the time they got here.

The maintenance guy was like, “Oh yeah, your neighbors car got struck by lightning… so maybe that was it.”

Texas, man. Just when I start to think I could stay here forever, spring storms come in and you-know-what on my party.

Queso Fundido - the best cheese dip! Hot, spicy, and perfect for any party!

Anyway, we had a few sunny moments this weekend, too. I threw some water balloons at the kids, ate a lot of cookies, and made this delicious Queso Fundido.

So what is Queso Fundido? Well it translates to “melted cheese” so…

But it’s also made with chorizo and I looooove chorizo. I had a 10 minute conversation with the HEB cashier about all the ways we love to use chorizo when I was buying the ingredients for this. Ten minutes. About chorizo.

The recipe calls for a Mexican melting cheese which I know may be hard to find in certain areas of the world but if you live in Texas and can get to an HEB, they have every kind you can imagine. I highly recommend a mixture of quesadilla and asadero but really, just use cheddar if you can’t find the Mexican stuff. It’ll be delicious either way!

Serve this queso with chips and margaritas for the perfect Cinco de Mayo spread!

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Weekly Family Menu Plan - 5 weeknight dinners, a weekend breakfast, and a yummy dessert!

Happy weekend, guys!

We’ve got somewhat of a Cinco de Mayo theme for you this week in the menu plan. Mexican lasagna, enchiladas, bean dip, Mexican rice! Plus, a yummy pasta dish and some amazing looking pork chops! And for breakfast, waffles! And cheesecake cake for dessert!

Everything looks delicious, right?!

If you need some margarita recipes for your Cinco de Mayo party, check out all my drinks here or just search “margaritas” in the search bar! There are lots there for you!

And as usual, make sure you print your grocery list before you head out to the store!

For more weekly family menu plans, check out the archives!

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Sloppy Joe Tater Tot Casserole! Ground beef or turkey in a delicious sloppy joe sauce topped with cheese and tater tots! Kids love this one!

Originally posted March 2014. Photos updated April 2016. 

I know. It’s way too early in the morning to be talking about things like tater tot casseroles.

I’m sorry.

I was sick all weekend – all weekend! – and didn’t have time to get a bunch of yummy things baked and photographed. I made this and it’s delicious and amazing but I couldn’t stop coughing long enough to take pictures. Being sick is the worst.

I threw this Sloppy Joe Tater Tot Casserole together for my kids yesterday and there wasn’t a tater tot left by the end of dinner. They loved it! I won’t lie, I didn’t think it sounded very good but I stole a couple bites and didn’t hate it. I like sloppy joes, I love tater tots – so yeah, I think I’m just embarrassed to say that I liked it.

Sloppy Joe Tater Tot Casserole! Ground beef or turkey in a delicious sloppy joe sauce topped with cheese and tater tots! Kids love this one!

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Blue Margaritas - the prettiest drink for your Cinco de Mayo party!

I promised more you more margaritas!

But first, let’s talk TV. Because we haven’t done that in awhile.

Game of Thrones.

Did you watch it? I did. Kind of. It doesn’t hold my attention like it used to. People were freaking out about it and I have no idea what happened. Soooo… I’m gonna listen to a recap podcast or 14 before I decide if I’m going to resubscribe to HBO for the rest of the season.

What’d you think? Worth the monthly fee for HBO?

Orphan Black is amazing as always. The actress that plays the clones is so incredible. I’m obsessed with her and the show.

I binge watched The Girlfriend Experience over the weekend. Also incredible. Not kid friendly at all but it was just really well done and I love a show with a strong female lead.

Umm… I haaaaate Real Housewives of Dallas. HATE HATE HATE. The worst. They do not deserve the title of Housewives.

Still love Real Housewives of NYC. Bethenny is my spirit animal.

What are you watching? What else should I be watching?! Tell me if I need to keep watching GoT! HELP ME DECIDE.

Blue Margaritas - the prettiest drink for your Cinco de Mayo party!

Now Blue Margaritas!

My fave Mexican place back in Colorado Springs (3 Margaritas on Powers!) had the best blue margaritas and I have been dying to make some ever since we moved down here.

So really, Blue Margaritas don’t taste that different from the classic but they’re so pretty! The blue comes from the curacao which tastes a lot like Triple Sec and is mostly there just for the color. Also, quite cheap at the liquor store so don’t let the 3 different types of booze scare you away from making this one.

Definitely add it to your Cinco de Mayo plans – your friends and fam will love it!

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25+ Memorial Day Recipes! Everything you need for your Memorial Day party! Grilling recipes, pasta salads, easy desserts, and so much more!

Okay, so I know Memorial Day is still over a month away but my blogger friends and I have decided to prepare ahead of time.

Because we love grilling. And we love pasta salads. And we really, really love easy no-bake desserts. And all the other delicious recipes you’ll find in this list!

Plus, I’m really excited about Memorial Day because that means the pools on Fort Hood will FINALLY be open and you know I have been anxiously waiting this day since sometime in January. I mean, seriously, pools should open before June in Texas. It’s hot enough in March. Okay?

Plus, school will be out soon and I can roadtrip wherever I want without getting in trouble! So excited. Obsessed with this summer already. It’s going to be a good one!

Anyway, let me know what you usually serve for Memorial Day! I would love some new ideas in case I decide to get wild and have people over!

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