Happy New Year! I’m back with my favorites of each month of 2013 but first I wanted to thank you for continuing to read, comment, pin, email, etc, etc, etc. Last year was incredibly hard for me and that made it very difficult to stick to all the goals I had for the blog at the start of the year. I really dropped the ball on a lot of things and I’m grateful that you guys have stuck around despite that. So thank you!

January: This Everyday Chocolate Cake is my go-to for whenever I have a chocolate craving.

February: I always say that I’m not much of a chocolate fan but I would eat this Brownie Pudding everyday for the rest of my life if I could.

March: I’ve been really into wings these past few weeks so these Buffalo Chicken Meatballs sound really good right now! And they’re so much easier than frying wings!

April: Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic may have been my favorite dinner I cooked the entire year. I remember sitting at the kid’s soccer game and worrying that my husband would eat all of it before I got home. It’s that good!

May: This month was full of good food but if I had to pick one recipe, it would be the Southwestern Cornbread Salad. I was shocked that everyone in my house loved it!

June: The 7Up Biscuits were probably my favorite bread I made all year. I’ve gotten lots of emails about the dough being too sticky but what I do is pour the batter into the (aluminum foil-lined) pan and then use a knife to cut the batter into biscuits. The lines won’t stay all the way through but they’ll basically break apart after being baked. You have to try these!

July: I love any salad that makes my kids want to eat it. This Italian Chopped Salad is loaded with your typical salad fixins but also has artichoke hearts, pepperoni, and pasta!

August: I love a spicy cocktail and this Spicy Cilantro Margarita was perfect!

September: I’ve made these Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wraps at least once a month since first trying them. They are one of our absolute favorites!

October: Dessert pizza is one of the best things I discovered all year. I’m telling you, life changing. The Caramel Apple Crisp Pizza was addictive!

November: My husband demanded that I include Funeral Potatoes in this list – I swear he brings it up at least once a week. He loves them and I bet I’ll be making them frequently this year.

December: I made this Late Night Pasta for the first time less than a month ago and I’ve already made it probably 5 times since then. Sometimes I even make it for breakfast and justify it by saying it has bacon and eggs in it.