It’s been far too long since I covered my hands in flour and did some serious kneading! I can’t tell you how nice it felt to be back to bread making after a few weeks off.

I was not excited about this bread at all. I’ve mentioned many times that I’m not a huge fan of dried fruits in bread because they always end up tasting like rubber. Plus this recipe forced me to add lemon extract to my already overflowing cabinet of baking supplies.

The dough was easy peasy although it was REALLY wet even after adding only half the water the recipe called for. I would guess I added almost an entire cup of flour to the dough to get it to a good state.

It rose beautifully and had doubled in size after 2 hours.

Last time I made a braided bread I fell asleep and it ended up rising way too much and toppling over on itself. I made sure to watch this one closely after shaping. I decided somewhere along the way that I need to invest in a kitchen scale. Just look how much smaller the top portion is! I’d say a scale is a need, not a want, right? (Right husband?)

My whole house smells like walnuts and lemons right now and I can’t think of a better smell. The bread is delicious and not at all rubbery. The crust is nice and crunchy and the inside is so soft and lovely.

I was really not loving Bread Baker’s Apprentice but things seem to be picking up. Go visit the BBA page to see what the other bakers are up to!



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