Another week, another BBA bread. This time it’s the Marbled Rye Bread.

I was really excited for this one. We love Reuben sandwiches but I can rarely find marble rye bread so we usually have plain rye bread which isn’t as exciting as the marbled stuff of course. Unfortunately I wasn’t too excited about how it turned out.

I did it to myself really. One day husband said he wanted to have Reubens the following night and even though it was already pretty late in the day I decided to try to get a jumpstart. Then once I got the light rye part done, I realized I didn’t have anything to make the dark part dark. So off to Target where my 3 month old and I got lost for an hour (as I do every time I go to Target) even though we only bought cocoa powder. Needless to say, everything was rushed. I don’t think I kneaded them enough. I don’t think I let them rise enough. Don’t get me wrong, it was decent and we enjoyed it but it just didn’t live up to my expectations.

Okay, so the one on the left is the marbled one. For that kind, you divide both doughs into a bunch of pieces and the smush everything together. I also did a crappy job on that part. You can see where a piece of dark dough separated from the rest of the loaf in the back.

The one on the right is the spiral one. You divide the doughs into 2 equal parts each and then roll them out, place on top of each other, and roll. I only have one loaf pan (I know, you’d think I’d have 15 with the amount of bread I like to make) so it was baked on a regular baking sheet.

I will probably try this one again one day because I really think it would be a great bread if I had a few solid hours to devote to it.

The next bread in the book is the Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire which I made and blogged before the BBA challenge started so I’m going to skip over that one. We did love it so make sure you check it out. Also visit the BBA blogroll to see everything the other bakers have been up to.



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