I can’t believe it’s been over 2 months since my last BBA post! Of course I have excuses – my wrist & coarse ground rye flour.

My left wrist started bothering me a few months back and since I spend my days changing diapers and playing monster trucks, dough kneading is the only thing I could come up with. It has improved since I stopped making so much bread so I guess I’m going to space out my bread making from now on. Should also help this baby weight situation.

And coarse rye. No one sells coarse rye. I thought I might have to grind my own like Kelly did but I couldn’t even find rye flakes! I eventually ordered some from Bob’s Red Mill which btw, you might think is cheaper than King Arthur when you peruse the website but let me tell you, they make up for it in shipping.

So that’s why it’s been a couple months. I think I was kind of dreading the pumpernickel as well. I’ve found that I’m just not a big fan of rye breads (and I actually skipped 2 of them to get to pumpernickel. Don’t worry, I’m going back to them before I move on).

It was an easy bread. One of the easiest in the books, I think. Apparently, rye dough gets gummy if you knead too much so there was only about 5 minutes of kneading. Not bad at all!

I found there wasn’t enough dough for loaves. The recipe says it makes 2 loaves but when I divided to dough it barely filled out the bottom of the pans. I let it rise for awhile and then realized that there was no way it was going to make it to the top of the pans. I pulled them out, stretched, and called ‘em baguettes.

To get the dark color of pumpernickel, you have to use caramel coloring, coffee, or cocoa powder. I used cocoa powder because it’s what I had and I think there was probably a little too much cocoa because the chocolate taste was definitely there. I don’t think I would have noticed if someone else had made the bread but, you know, I put it in there so it was very obvious to me.

Will I make it again? No, probably not but it wasn’t as awful as I had expected. To me, it tasted just like every other rye bread but with that chocolate undertone I mentioned.

If you want to make some pumpernickel, check out The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. Also, visit the BBA blogroll to see how all the other bakers are doing.



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