30+ Valentine's Day Recipes! Decadent treats to share with your Valentine!

Happy Monday!

I hope you’re enjoying a long weekend! I was so excited to have 3 days to sleep in and would you believe that I’ve been up before 6 all three days?

My allergies may actually kill me.

I got real spoiled living in Colorado with no trees or grass (my allergens) and now that I’m surrounded by green stuff ALL THE TIME, I’m losing my mind.

Seriously allergies, can I just sleep?

The good news is, I managed to watch most of The Jinx in total silence yesterday morning. And I’m obsessed. I think I may watch it again. Definitely better than Making a Murderer.

So Valentine’s Day is coming up real fast. And that’s terrifying to me because I haven’t even been to Target once to check out all the pink heart stuff that I no doubt need in my life.

Odds are, my husband will be gone for Valentine’s Day so I definitely plan on making myself something rich and decadent and probably filled with chocolate. And I’m sure I’ll find it on this delicious list of Valentine’s Day recipes!

This list has something for everyone and can’t get enough of all the cute desserts! I hope you find something delicious to make for your sweetie!

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100+ ideas for delicious Christmas cookies! There is something for everyone in this list!


I got together with some of my blogging buddies to create the ultimate Christmas cookies list! There is definitely something for everyone here and hopefully this helps you create your holiday baking list!

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30+ Christmas Cookies! So many delicious Christmas cookie recipes in one place - you are sure to find something you love!

Happy Monday guys!

I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Did you do the whole Black Friday thing? I did not. I ordered a bag and some new glasses – prescription, not sun – and then I spent the rest of the day doing all the millions of dishes we somehow created on Thanksgiving.

I did go for groceries on Saturday and found $5 turkeys so you better believe we have a freezer full of turkey right now.

And then I found a cat on the top shelf in our shed yesterday, talked Fat Baby out of calling it Potato, and sent my husband 57 photos of the cat while he was at the gym.

He was all, “Did you steal somebody’s cat?”

And then, “Where did the cat get a can of cat food?”

I don’t know, found it in the pantry, did you buy cat food?

Oh! We also put our Christmas tree up! Which means it’s time for me to start planning the ridiculous list of cookies I want to make on the 24th of December! If you’re like me, this list should be a big help. So many delicious ideas – I wish I had time to make them all!

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Instead of our usual weekly family menu, the girls and I decided to each share some easy Thanksgiving recipes that could possibly help you plan the big day.

Honestly guys, I still don’t have mine figured out. I went to the store one night last week (alone!) for Thanksgiving supplies and was there for HOURS and then stayed up until midnight trying to fit all the groceries into our teeny pantry. And then I was so  proud of myself for getting it all done a week ahead of time!

And now I’m wondering if I need to double all the recipes.

Plus, I left the sweet potatoes off the plan!

And then someone requested my paleo deviled eggs.

So it looks like I’m going to the store again.

If you are like me and are still working on your plan, hopefully these recipes will help you out!

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Happy Wednesday! I hope you guys love this post as much as I do. I just love seeing all the fun Halloween treats ideas! Would you be shocked if I told you that I bought the kids’ Halloween costumes on Monday? Or that I’ve had Sofia’s (#halfwiener) costume for at least a month? Or that I ordered Halloween decorations from Target.com because I got tired of waiting on my Target to put stuff out? Guys. I am ready. Lots of fun Halloween ideas here. We’ve got sweets, cocktails, and even some dinner ideas! Click for the full recipe