20+ Best Summer Recipes - the best recipes for summer from all your favorite bloggers! Lots of sweet treats, grilling, salads, and more!

Can you believe next week is September?

Next week.


How did this happen to us?

I mean, I’m excited because September 1st is when I decorate for Halloween (sorry) but I’m also terrified because I haven’t even thought about the holidays.


With summer winding down, some friends and I put together a list of our favorite summer recipes. Lots of delicious stuff here. Grilling recipes, sweets, salads, everything you could want!

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Best of the Summer Grill Recipes!


Tomorrow is August 1.


How did this happen?

I’m actually really torn on how I feel about it. Like, I need my kids to go back to school. I haven’t had my hair highlighted since May because I’m too cheap to pay for a babysitter 90% of the time and I’m getting real sick of hearing “Can we have a snack?” every 15 minutes.

Real sick of it, y’all.

But I really love summer and the heat and the s’mores and grilling and the beaches. And also? This year is going by really fast and it’d be nice if it slowed down just a little bit.

So yeah, I’m torn.

Anyway, my blogging friends and I made a list of all our favorite grilling recipes. There’s lot of meat plus a couple desserts and I contributed a cocktail.


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25+ Memorial Day Recipes! Everything you need for your Memorial Day party! Grilling recipes, pasta salads, easy desserts, and so much more!

Okay, so I know Memorial Day is still over a month away but my blogger friends and I have decided to prepare ahead of time.

Because we love grilling. And we love pasta salads. And we really, really love easy no-bake desserts. And all the other delicious recipes you’ll find in this list!

Plus, I’m really excited about Memorial Day because that means the pools on Fort Hood will FINALLY be open and you know I have been anxiously waiting this day since sometime in January. I mean, seriously, pools should open before June in Texas. It’s hot enough in March. Okay?

Plus, school will be out soon and I can roadtrip wherever I want without getting in trouble! So excited. Obsessed with this summer already. It’s going to be a good one!

Anyway, let me know what you usually serve for Memorial Day! I would love some new ideas in case I decide to get wild and have people over!

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Happy Tuesday, guys!

Let’s talk about what a wimp I am.

It was 35 degrees yesterday morning when I left the house. And you would have thought I was dying by how much whining I did. I ran the heat in the house, in the car, wore my warmest jacket. It was bad.

You guys, what happened to me?! I spent the last 4 winters in Colorado, playing in the snow every time it fell, and now I can’t handle 35 degrees?

Texas has ruined me.

Technically it is Spring though which is why I am sharing the most colorful list of recipes ever! So many fruits, so many veggies! Everything from salads to doughnuts to soup! There is definitely something for everyone here.

Let me know if you have a favorite spring recipe that I need to try!

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15 Best Recipes of 2015 from FakeGinger.com- snacks, cocktails, easy meals, and even dog treats!

Happy Monday guys!

Today I thought we’d do something fun. I went through all my analytics from the past year to see which recipes were the most popular and these are the top 15. Normally I do a separate post of all my favorite recipes from the year as well but these are all my faves too!

I’ve made almost all of these recipes more than once and each one gets rave reviews from readers. I’ve got a cocktail, a few easy meals, some delicious appetizers, crowd-pleasing sweets, and even a couple homemade dog treats.

It turns out that you guys are also crazy dog ladies/men. I have found my people.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these recipes or if you feel another recipe should’ve been included in the list!

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