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Dr Pepper Fudge

I have good news! I took my fave soda, Dr Pepper TEN, and turned it into chocolate fudge!

We are days away from the big day and I have somehow managed to keep my hands out of our candy jar. You guys, this has never happened before. At this point, I’ve usually eaten every single piece of good candy and then on Halloween day, I’m running like a madwoman to the store to buy more.

Not this year though! I have conquered my candy addiction.

Just kidding. I ate homemade Dr Pepper Fudge instead.

As I mentioned, I used the Dr Pepper TEN (that I purchased at King Soopers – it’s with all the other sodas) in this fudge. It is my absolute favorite because it only has 10 calories but it doesn’t taste like a diet soda. I also used Canada Dry TEN in the Creepy Ginger-Ade recipe you see below. I’m currently obsessed with all things ginger which is weird since I named my blog Fake Ginger because I  couldn’t stand ginger – and also because I like to dye my hair red. Speaking of, should I do that this weekend? I’m bored of blonde.

Anyway, the Canada Dry TEN is so delicious and it was perfect mixed with lemonade! I added a packet of powdered lime drink mix to the mix to turn it green. And then I popped some spiders in! (And PS, you could totally put some vodka in if you’re making this for an all adult party!)

Funnily enough, just the other day I commented on a blog post about fudge saying that if I was any good at making fudge, I’d make some right then. Because I love fudge. But I’m SO bad at making it. And then that night, I got super excited about the idea of Dr Pepper Fudge that I went downstairs at 11 pm and made this in less than 20 minutes.

It really couldn’t be easier. No candy thermometer needed! Which is awesome because you guys know I buy a candy thermometer 3 times a year and then throw it out when I decide it’s too much work.

You just cook most of the ingredients together and then stir in the chocolate, let it set for an hour or two, and slice into squares.

And you really can taste the Dr Pepper TEN! It’s absolutely delicious and perfect for this time of year when candy is on everyone’s mind.

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This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

Now that’s a dog that’s excited about Halloween treats.

I’m not real certain she’s excited about having to wear a costume but LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS. I can’t handle it.

I found the cutest angel costume for her at our King Soopers. It’s sparkly and has a tutu which are my only two requirements for a costume for her. And while we were there, we picked up some Pup-Peroni and Canine Carry Outs because the whole purpose of a costume is to get treats.

Am I right?

If you are as into Halloween and your pets as I am, check out the, #TrickorTreatEm website to take a quiz to find our your pet’s Halloween personality. Plus you can make a cute digital Halloween frame for your pet’s photo and get a coupon for the Big Heart Pet Treats brands!

Do you take your dogs trick-or-treating? I usually don’t but I’m thinking we might take our husky, Penelope, this year. After all, she’s done tricks all year long! It’s time for her to get some treats!

There are some safety things to consider when trick-or-treating with pets. Make sure you watch out for any candy that has fallen on the ground. Chocolate is toxic for the pups and candy in general is just not good for them. Also watch out for any pumpkins that are lit with candles. The dogs could easily knock them over and cause a big ol’ mess. And make sure they don’t eat any pumpkins either. Pumpkin is good for a dog’s digestion but stick with a spoonful of puree with their regular food.

If you’re looking to get some fun Halloween treats for your pups, make sure you check out Pup-Peroni and Canine Carry Outs, as well as the other Big Heart Pet Treats, Milo’s Kitchen and Milkbone. Don’t forget to get a costume while you’re there!


This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

My level of Halloween excitement is so high that I cannot even tell you where it is. My best estimate is that it’s somewhere near “OMGGGG I MAY DIE OF ANTICIPATION BEFORE IT ACTUALLY GETS HERE” on the scale.

We’ve had costumes for at least a month now. Even the dogs. My house has been decorated since September 1. I’m even stocking up on candy – but only the kind I don’t like so that I’m not tempted.

Today we’re talking about a candy that I do like, though. I really, really, really like this one. Which means that bag that I just bought from Walmart the other day won’t last long enough to see Halloween. (Let’s be real, it’s already gone. Oops.)

Have you tried the Butterfinger Cups? This was my first time trying them and I don’t want to be dramatic but… life changing. I had seen them around and assumed that they were just regular Butterfingers in a different shape. But totally not. They taste like the regular ones but have a completely different texture. I’m obsessed and will be buying more for trick-or-treaters and then accidentally putting them on the bottom of our candy bowl in hopes that there will be lots left for me.

I used those Butterfinger Cups to make Butterfinger Brownie Pizza! You guys know I’m absolutely crazy about sweet pizzas and typically I use cookie dough as the crust. But for this one, I used a brownie mix (from a box – super simple!) and I think I like it more than the cookie crusts. I mean, what’s better than a brownie? And then for the sauce, I made a peanut butter whipped cream that takes just minutes to whip up. I chopped up a few of the Butterfinger Cups and sprinkled those around and then topped it all off with fun Halloween sprinkles.

And speaking of pizza, we all need good fuel before heading out the door for trick-or-treating and Tombstone pizza is perfect for that! And I just love their spooky Halloween packaging!

Let me know in the comments which #Treats4All you’ll be handing out on Halloween. Or what you’ll be eating fuel up for the big night!

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Are you tired of hearing about how overwhelmed I am?

I don’t know, y’all. I think the deployment may just be getting to me. And I was too lazy to go down to CYS to sign the kids up for free deployment daycare so I just… I’m just overwhelmed by the day to day. The two schools plus the baby (he’s not a baby), the soccer, the football, everything else! This is such a crazy time of year.

The first thing to go is always dinner. Sometimes it’s just seems like it’ll take way too much energy to stand over the stove. The kids are perfectly fine with PB&J but we can only do so many of those before all that dreaded mom guilt hits.

So I’ve been trying out the Reynolds Oven Bags for dinners. I’ve had some in my cabinet for years (literally since we moved to Colorado) but I assumed they were just for ginormous turkeys at Thanksgiving.

I used one of those Reynolds Oven Bags for this Balsamic Pot Roast. All you have to do it put all the ingredients in the bag, tie it up, and bake it for a few hours. You know how pot roasts made in the slow cooker have that awesome texture where they pretty much just fall apart? That’s what happened inside the bag! I’ve never had an oven roast turn out so well.

I wish I’d added potatoes to the bag so I definitely recommend you do that. The carrots and onions were so tender and delicious and the sauce created by everything was perfect on rice!

The best part, of course, is that there no cleanup. You throw the bag away. And you’re done.

Reynolds has a bunch of easy, weeknight Oven Bag meals on their website, like mushroom risotto! Or you can go super simple and make Sausage and Peppers just by putting sliced sausage and roughly chopped peppers and onions in the bag. You cook until the sausage is tender and serve it with fresh bread!

Fun fact: I had a guinea pig named Pot Roast once. I got her after Hurricane Katrina when we were still without power but I still had to go into work everyday. I shop my feelings. Or in this case, I adopt rodents my feelings. Or something. But anyway, I was on the phone with my BFF afterwards and she suggested I name her Pot Roast because she was eating a pork chop that she thought was pot roast. Yep.

Years later, my sister-in-law adopted Pot Roast and another guinea pig who she named Spud. They were very happy together.

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Delicious Bacon and Pineapple Fried Rice featuring Success® Boil-in-Bag Basmati Rice. 

Second post the week, second recipe that starts with “Bacon and…”

I like bacon.

I’m also weirdly into pineapple lately. Remember how early in the summer I was spending $7 bucks 3 times a week on a pound of pre-cut mango? That’s what’s happening with pineapple right now. Except, thankfully, pineapple is a lot cheaper than the mango.

One day I’ll learn to cut fruit. Maybe.

So I wanted to combine my two current favorite foods into another of my favorite foods: fried rice. I know, fried rice with bacon and pineapple? It sounds weird but I dig it.

Before you click away and unsubscribe and all that, it’s not really like the Chinese takeout rice you’re used to. Yes, it is still fried rice but it’s fried in bacon fat and it has no egg in it. Plus, I used Basmati rice which is my favorite kind of rice. It’ slightly nutty and the grains don’t get clumpy on you when they cook. They stay separate and fluffy, which is how I like my rice.

You guys know that rice has been the bane of my existence since we moved to Colorado. I don’t know if it’s the altitude or my stove or what but I have not successfully made a batch of rice since moving here over 3 years ago. Like, it’s so bad that I’ve had to throw out pans. Because ugggghhhh, burnt rice on the bottom of the pan is the worst.

I’ve started using the Success®  Boil-in-Bag Basmati Rice. I love it because it is fool-proof. I’m not even kidding. The bags come pre-portioned in a BPA-free bag so it’s no mess, no measuring and it’s ready in 10 minutes. You literally stick the entire bag in water, bring it to a boil, and remove the entire bag 10 minutes later.

So for this recipe, I made the rice one night, took the entire bag and put it in the fridge overnight. (Fried rice just works better with cold rice.) The next day, the rice was ready to be fried and covered in bacon, still in it’s little bag. No dirty bowls, nothing.

I’m obsessed.

Have you tried the Success® Boil-in-Bag Basmati Rice? 

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