Hummus Turkey Lettuce Wraps - easy, healthy, and delicious recipe! Make a big batch and have lunches all week!

Heeeey guys, how’s the week been?!

This is the last week of school for us so we’ve been crazy busy. Fat baby (who is neither fat nor a baby at this point) graduated from kindergarten:

And we’ve had award ceremonies and parties and everything else that comes with the end of the school year. Pretty excited to force my children to go for hikes a few times a week for the next 3 months.

Also? Stupid excited to not have to pack school lunches anymore. I am so over it at this point.

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Pistachio Ice Cream with Chocolate Chunks - the most delicious pistachio ice cream!

Hiii guys, we made it through another week. I made ice cream to celebrate.

You were expecting a cocktail?

Yeah, I know.

My life’s been weird this last month and I’m so out of this whole blogging routine right now. I have, however, made 3 kinds of ice cream in the past week so… let’s just just go with it.

Next week I’ll make a cocktail. Promise.

In the meantime, I made that grapefruit ginger bourbon sour from last year the other night and it was just as delicious as I remembered. So if you are looking for a drink idea today, use that one!

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Muffuletta Dip - all the flavors of a delicious muffuletta sandwich in a dip!

Big news, guys.

Remember how sometime in the fall I broke the zipper on the front window of my Jeep? It wasn’t a huge deal since we’ve had such a warm winter and I keep the windows down most of the time anyway. But it’s been SO WINDY lately that even the shortest drives were awful.

So I finally caved and got new ones! I will have cute hair again!

I still haven’t put the back windows on though. Have I mentioned that I love Texas winters?


Today I’ve got a dip that you should either make for the Super Bowl or for your Mardi Gras celebration next month!

Oh! Speaking of! We had our first king cake of the season last week and why aren’t king cakes a thing all year?!

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Weekly Family Menu Plan - 5 weeknight dinners, a weekend breakfast, and a yummy dessert!

Happy Saturday, guys!


We went out for waffles this morning but not much else planned yet.

This week’s menu plan is ready and extra delicious! We have one of my favorite soups (seriously, you have to make it!), a quick stir fry, skillet bread, a quick and easy pasta, and the ultimate comfort food, shepherd’s pie! Plus, a sweet and salty treat, coffee cake, and energy bites!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Make sure you print your grocery list before you head to the store!

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For more weekly family menu plans, check out the archives!

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25+ Healthy New Year Recipes - get the year started right with this list of delicious and healthy recipes!

Happy New Years Eve, y’all!

Have you made a resolution to eat healthier in the new year? I kind of have…? The holidays are just full of bad foods so it’s the right time to get back to healthier eating but, I don’t really have a game plan going into it. Just going to try to eat more salads and less junk. Sounds easy enough, right?

If you have also decided to try to eat a little healthier next month, I have an awesome list of healthy recipes for you to try. There are over 25 healthy dinner ideas, snacks, smoothies, breakfasts – everything to get you started eating a little bit better.

I hope you have a safe and happy new year! Have a delicious glass of champagne, eat one last bad meal, and I’ll see you next year!

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