This week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe came at a great time. What’s more perfect for Christmas dinner than a cheesy gratin?

I had tried Ina’s cauliflower gratin years ago (and actually took it to Christmas at the in-law’s) and was really disappointed in it. Shocking because it has 5 stars on Food Network and received rave reviews from all my blog friends. Well I had high hopes for this one because while it’s a very similar recipe, this one includes bacon. And let’s be honest, anything with bacon is going to be good.

I didn’t love the gratin hot out of the oven (and I don’t think any of my boys even touched it) – to me cauliflower and Gruyere are both very bland so it was kind of flavorless aside from the bacon. But after it sat overnight it became something very different and I happily finished off the leftovers by myself.

If I was going to make it again, I’d probably use a different cheese and I would double the cauliflower because mine was more custard than anything.

The recipe is on NPR’s website if you want to give it a go!



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