Yup, it’s time for my monthly “I’m going to cook every single recipe from Around My French Table!” proclamation.  I mean it this time! I swear. Unless it’s another recipe for mussels. Because mussels don’t exist in Colorado.

This week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe is not mussels thankfully – it was cookies! Chocolate ones! With extra chocolate!

These are Dorie’s Cocoa Sables. I really love her Sables recipe from Baking so I had high hopes for these. Unfortunately, my dough was ridiculously dry.

It crumbled when I sliced it and I ended up having to piece it back together on the baking sheet. I really don’t think it was the recipe’s fault though – I think just I need to learn to compensate for how dry the air is here.

But how did they taste you ask?

A-mazing. Best cookies I’ve ever tasted.

And that could very well be because I haven’t had anything sweet in a week but you guys, I loved these! I don’t think I’ve ever had a chocolate cookie that I felt this strongly about but I cannot wait to make these again.



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