Wanna know something about family? Sure you do.

We go through a lot of bananas each week. I’m talking 5 or 6 bananas a day. And that’s when my husband is gone! They are just so versatile – pancakes, muffins, smoothies, waffles, bread, anything and everything you could possibly bake up is better with bananas!

So of course I was pretty excited about this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe: Double Chocolate and Banana Tart.

Don’t get confused though, it’s double chocolate and double banana. The crust is a chocolate shortbread crust, topped with caramelized bananas that are then covered in chocolate ganache, and finally it’s finished with raw banana slices.

(The caramelized banana slices looked like little scallops!)

I thought this recipe was simple, so impressive, and delicious! I didn’t love the raw bananas on top – for some reason, the contrast between the super rich chocolate and the raw bananas just didn’t do it for me – but those were easily picked off. I really really really loved the caramelized bananas. It gave just a little crunch to the tart.

I halved the crust recipe, got 2 small tarts (maybe 5 or 6 inches?) and then dropped a tart shell in the sink. So I quartered the rest of the recipe and it was perfect for my one tart. HOWEVER, one tart was not enough for this lady and I wish I had another one right now.

(The members of French Fridays with Dorie don’t share Dorie’s recipes because we want to encourage you to check out Around My French Table.)

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