1. We had a birthday this week! Our middle child turned 3 so I rigged a balloon avalanche for him. I used a couple trash bags cut in half and a bunch of balloons. He loved it!

2. We’re actually waiting until his daddy comes home to have a party but he picked out some cupcakes and we had a mini-celebration.

3. I’ve been trying to do a craft with the kids everyday since my oldest was out of school the entire week. The snowman was a huge hit – just a water bottle stuffed with cotton balls and decorated with red and orange felt, buttons, and black duct tape.

4. Our tree went up this week too! We usually wait until Black Friday to do it but I needed something to entertain the kids (and myself) with last weekend. Having it up makes me so happy!

5. Earlier in the week I was having a conversation with the husband about how someone told me to buy a deer antler for the dog to chew on and I kept going on about how I was disgusted by the idea. And guess what Clementine got in her Barkbox the very next day. Part of a freakin’ moose antler! Ugggghhh. And she loves it.