Simple and delicious Apple Upside Down Cake! Moist cinnamon-spiced cake topped with apples in a buttery brown sugar sauce. 

Apple Upside Down Cake - simple and delicious apple cake! Moist cinnamon-spiced cake topped with apples coated in butter and brown sugar.

Hi guys, happy almost Friday!

Not to be dramatic but this Apple Upside Down Cake is my favorite thing I’ve made in forever.

And you know that I don’t usually like any dessert with fruit.

But see, I’ve been craving pineapple upside down cake for literally months now and I was too lazy to make one so I finally broke down and bought one last week while I was in the middle of a week long argument with the boyfriend.

And then I couldn’t even enjoy it because I was too busy saying things like, “I keep dreaming about these giant bugs and google tells me that means I have anxiety and you won’t kill them for me!”

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Stuffed Hatch Peppers - delicious spicy hatch chiles stuffed with ground turkey, black beans, corn, salsa, and topped with monterey jack cheese. Easy and healthy dinner!

Heeeey guys!

I don’t know that I’ve ever mentioned this but hatch pepper season is my favorite time of year since moving to Texas. We used to get them in Colorado but it’s nowhere near like it is in Texas.

Like, you walk into HEB and they’ve got barrels of mild hatch peppers here and the spicy ones are over there and if you want your hatch peppers already roasted, you’re in luck.

Because they’ve got roasted ones and roasted diced ones and, by the way, they’re sampling hatch pepper guacamole over there and hatch pepper cornbread in the bakery and, oh, hatch pepper empanadas right here.

There are even hatch pepper fake Oreos and I have 11 boxes of them in my freezer right now to last until next year and you can take your judgement somewhere else.

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Carrot Apple Salad is the perfect quick, healthy side dish! It’s a kid favorite and so easy to put together. Thinly sliced carrots and apples with raisins in a creamy sweet and tangy dressing. 

Carrot Apple Salad - sliced carrots and apples with raisins in a sweet and tangy dressing! So easy and so delicious! My kids love this!

You guuuuys.

It’s finally the first day of school around here!

Y’all know I love summer but man, this was a long one. This was the first summer in years that we didn’t take several roadtrips so it was just me and 3 boys.

All summer.

In central Texas. Where from the hours of 9 am to 7 pm, it’s too hot to play outside most days.


So now we’re transitioning to school and soccer and football and whatever else the boys plan on getting into. I’m anticipating a very busy fall.

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Weekly Family Menu Plan – Five weeknight dinners, a weekend breakfast, a couple sweets, and a delicious drink! 

Weekly Family Menu Plan - Five weeknight dinners, a weekend breakfast, and a yummy dessert!

Hey guys, happy weekend!

You guys. It’s hot. The kids begged to go to a park this morning and we stayed for about 15 minutes before they were too hot to go on. And this was at, like, 9 am.

I’m definitely not ready for fall but can it maybe not be a billion degrees?

Anyway, this week’s menu looks delish. We’ve got some summery stuff mixed with a little bit of fall foods. I’m pretty excited about all of it.


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