Slow Cooker Cheesy Tortellini – cheese tortellini with ground turkey, pasta sauce, and 2 kinds of cheese all cooked in the slow cooker! A family favorite!

Slow Cooker Cheesy Tortellini - cheese tortellini with ground turkey, pasta sauce, and 2 kinds of cheese all cooked in the slow cooker! A family favorite!

The holidays, man.

Are you exhausted already, too? We’re a week into December and already my schedule has been crazy with holiday stuff.

So I figured we could talk super easy recipes that are going to make your life so much and easier and free up more time to shop for the perfect cat-themed ugly Christmas sweater.

Just me?


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Weekly Family Menu Plan - 5 dinners, a weekend breakfast, and a yummy dessert!

Heeeey guys!

Guess what. I finally put my Christmas tree up on Friday night. As expected, when it wasn’t up on December 1, I decided to just not put it up but one of my kids is currently grounded forever and in an effort to keep him from driving me crazy, I sent him out to our shed to find the tree.

So the tree is up. Clementine keeps trying to dig a hole in the tree skirt. And someone keeps knocking ornaments off.

But whatever, it’s bright and sparkly and I’m glad it’s up.

So here’s this week’s menu and it has lots of delicious ideas! Enjoy!

Don’t forget to print out your grocery list before you head to the store!

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20+ Holiday Favorites! Every recipe you need for a delicious holiday!

Happy almost Friday, y’all!

I totally meant to put this up sooner in case you needed some Thanksgiving ideas but it slipped my mind. Anyway, some friends and I put together this list of every recipe you may need for the holidays. We’ve got ham, side dishes, appetizers, cakes, and tons and tons of cookies.

Tons. Of. Cookies.

Anyway, if you have any favorite holiday recipes that I absolutely need to try, please send them my way!

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Ham and Lentil Soup - the perfect way to use leftover ham! It's quick, inexpensive, and really delicious!

Tomorrow is December 1.



Are we sure it’s really the last day of November?

Like, sure sure?

Anyway, I’m putting my Christmas tree up today because if I don’t do it now, tomorrow I’ll start the “Well, it’s too late now! Christmas is practically here!” thing and we just won’t have a Christmas tree this year.

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Cranberry Macadamia Nut Fudge - make this easy fudge recipe for your holiday party or cookie swap!

Happy Monday, y’all!

The holiday weekend flew by, right? I’m not ready for today! I need a few more days of doing nothing!

But the good news is that we can officially move onto holiday treats now! Yaaaaay!

So tell me, do you stick with the same holiday treats every year or do you switch it up and try new things?

I usually do a mixture of both. I always make my crockpot candy, my almond bark drop cookies, the cranberry orange cookies, and my mom’s snack mix. And then I always try a couple new recipes.

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