Paleo Shepherd’s Pie might actually be better than the traditional version! With sweet potatoes and a rich tomato gravy, it’s fantastic comfort food.

How does your cooking change in the summer? Like, beyond grilling more often and eating more salads?

I find that I just have zero desire to cook. We’re just so busy and doing so many fun things that most days I don’t even realize that we missed dinner time until my kids are all hangry and we’re minutes away from a giant disaster.

I just don’t want to cook. I want to be outside. I was to be in water. I was to be hiking through the woods. I don’t want to cook anything.

So I kind of switch to things that I can prep in advance and just let hang out in the fridge until the hanger hits. Like this Paleo Shepherd’s Pie was super easy for me to prep ahead of time and then all I had to do was bake it until it was heated through.

I actually like Paleo Shepherd’s Pie so much better than the traditional version. Probably because I enjoy mashed sweet potatoes more than mashed regular potatoes.

So yeah, the topping is mashed sweet potatoes mixed with a bit of coconut milk (you could add coconut oil or even butter if you want a little bit of fat in your potatoes — I think it’s fine without though) and then the filling is fairly traditional.

It’s ground beef, onions, carrots in a rich tomato gravy. Instead of the usual peas and corn (neither of which are paleo), I added zucchini — you could throw in whatever veggies you like really!

It’s really delicious. The savory filling with the slightly sweet topping is just perfect. I love making a big pan of it on a Sunday and then having it for lunch all week. And the best part is that it’s delicious enough that even non-paleo people love it!

I’m the Paleo Fanatic over at Food Fanatic! This Paleo Shepherd’s Pie recipe is one of many I’m sharing over there so make sure you check back!



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