I’m back on the Project Pastry Queen wagon this week with these Lemon Bars with Strawberry Brulee chosen by Ginny of Just Get Floury. I must apologize to Ginny for getting these posted so late in the day but I literally just photographed them. Things were crazy this weekend – life, football, this thing permanently attached to my leg:

I did finally get them made (obviously) and I’m so glad that I found the time! They are delicious. I love lemon bars anyway but the strawberries on top make them even better.

These bars are supposed to be lemon-champagne bars but I didn’t want to spend the money on a bottle of champagne that would just go to waste so I used seltzer instead since I wasn’t sure if the purpose of the champagne was the bubbles or the taste. I used a raspberry seltzer and couldn’t taste it at all but like I mentioned, the bars are fabulous anyway.

As for the brulee, you guys know about my broiler troubles. That is all.

No, really. I put it under the broiler and let it sit there for what seemed like a really long time and the sugar never browned. The edges of my bars started getting really dark so I went ahead and pulled them out. I did have some crunchy bits which were awesome and I’d really love to get a kitchen torch and try these again one day.

My favorite part of any bar is always the crust and this one is exceptional. The lemon zest really puts it over the edge. It’s really delicious and I’d love to try a raspberry curd on top of it one day.

Thanks to Ginny for choosing this recipe, which I’ve had my eye on since I got the book, and you guys can check out the recipe on Ginny’s blog.



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