The impressive Project Pastry Queen recipes just keep coming! This one, chosen by Sarah, is a three two layer brownie dessert that’s stuffed with a mascarpone filling and frosted with an espresso whipped cream. Once it’s completed you press bits of crushed toffee bar into the sides. Is your head exploding from awesomeness yet?

Despite sounding difficult, this one was actually really simple and surprisingly quick. I started first thing in the morning (we’re talking 6 am) thinking it would take me all day and I was done within 3 hours! Most of that time was spent waiting for the brownies to cool and/or procrastinating.

The brownies are decent. The recipe is so massive that it was hard for me to find a mixing bowl in my kitchen big enough to hold all the batter. I feel like I had some lumps that shouldn’t have been there because of the bowl situation and the end result was a little bumpy. Tasty brownies though and that’s all that matters! The mascarpone filling it out of this world and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t see the appeal of mascarpone! The whipped cream frosting is tasty but a little strong of espresso. I had to add an extra 1/4 cup or so of powdered sugar to get the bitterness out.

The finished product is outstanding, of course! How could you not love a layered brownie?! I know you want the recipe so make sure you head to Sarah’s blog to check it out.



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