This week’s Project Pastry Queen selection comes from the lovely Josie. Her choice of Blackberry Pie Bars made me really happy because I know I would never choose to make this one on my own – just not a big blackberry fan.

I chose to make my bars into a pie shape mostly because I just posted some bars the other day, but I also thought it would be cute like this. I halved the original recipe and used a fairly deep dish pie plate. It worked perfectly but I think I had to bake it quite a bit longer than the recipe called for (I don’t have a timer so I can’t be sure.).

This recipe is amazing. Amazing. Like I said, I usually don’t like blackberries but covered in a buttery crust? Delicious! It’s like a pie because it has a bottom crust but beyond that, it’s more like a crumble which I love! The blackberries almost melt into the crust and you hardly even notice those obnoxious seeds. This one has overtaken the top spot my list of favorites from The Pastry Queen and I can’t wait to try it with different berries.

Josie has the recipe for you and make sure you check out the Project Pastry Queen blogroll to see what everyone else did with these bars.



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