Pizza - La Roma Pizza & Subs, Temple, TX


I didn’t make a pizza this week because we moved and I didn’t tell you we were moving because I am the kind of weirdo that gets scared of jinxing things if I talk about them.

But you guys.

I love our new house so much and it’s in the the town I used to drive around and hope that one day, if I stayed in Texas, I’d move to.  And it’s right down the street from the lake and stupid close to my favorite taco truck.

I couldn’t be happier.

It’s really only about 40 minutes from where we were but if you’ve ever been to Killeen, you know what a difference a 40 minute drive makes.

Last night was our first official night here and everything is still in boxes which is why there’s no pizza this week. Best boyfriend ever did pick up pizza from a local place so it still counts, right?
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Pesto Sausage Pizza with Mushrooms and Olives - sausage, mushrooms, and olives on top of a creamy pesto sauce, topped with monterey jack cheese!

You guys.

I didn’t think this post was going to happen this week.

Months ago I started complaining that my oven temp was off because all my cookies were turning out flat and I almost had a full on breakdown a few weeks ago when boyfriend asked for cookies for a work thing and both batches came out flat and I had to send them anyway because he didn’t tell me until the night before.

Not that I’m still upset about it or anything.

Men though.

So yeah, it finally stopped working this week. And I, of course, didn’t realize it until after I thought it had been preheating for 20 minutes and was about to put 2 sheets of veggies in for dinner.


Anyway, the guy came out the next day and got it heating up again but now the whole house smells like gas when I turn it on and maybe I just won’t bake anything else until I move out of here.
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Fig, Burrata, and Prosciutto Pizza - sweet fig jam, salty prosciutto, and creamy burrata! Topped with fresh arugula and crushed red pepper flakes.

Hi guys, happy Sunday!

It’s pizza day.

I used some suggestions from you guys this week, spent a stupid amount of time watching pizza videos on Youtube, and stopped into Trader Joe’s for their crust. Oops.

Really though, you just can’t beat their crust. Its fresh, it’s less than 2 bucks, and it works perfectly every time.

Oh, can we talk about this Trader Joe’s I went to? I usually go to the one by the Arboretum because it’s the closest to my house (still an hour away, y’all) but we happened to be further south and ended up at one that involved a parking garage and an escalator.

And y’all, I expect that sort of thing from Whole Foods but Trader Joe’s? That seems extreme.
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