I’m sorry, guys. I had no intention of posting another Paleo recipe this week but the cheesy, white floury bread I made yesterday totally failed. I think I must’ve burned the yeast or something because it just refused to rise. At all. 


So you get these Paleo Chocolate Chip Blondies! And I really don’t even feel that bad because they’re awesome. My husband had 7 of them last night. Yeah, that’s pretty much the entire pan.

And btw, how unfair is it that men can eat 7 blondies on top of meals and other snacks and not gain weight? 

Anyyyway, we’re all sorts of iced/snowed in right now which is fun because I can stay in sweatpants all day and only go outside when the (idiot) husky opens the gate, lets herself out of the yard, and then makes me chase her around the neighborhood before finally making the circle and ending up back at our porch. But it’s not so fun because the kids and the husband are all driving me crazy.

If I have to hear, “HE WON’T GIVE ME A TURN!” one more time…

I don’t even know what I’ll do. But it won’t be pretty.

I’m going to have the blondie I hid from my husband for breakfast and then lock myself in my room and binge watch all the Madam Secretary episodes on the DVR. 

You should make these even if you aren’t Paleo. They are really delicious and so full of coconut and chocolate chips – you will hardly even notice that the actual blondie part is made from almond flour instead of regular flour! I promise.

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January is a hard month to be a food blogger. I mean, the last few months have all had a theme. September was football, October was pumpkin & Halloween, November was Thanksgiving, and December was Christmas.

But there’s nothing in January.

I’m posting healthy/paleo stuff because I hear it’s popular around this time of year but every time I do, someone unsubscribes and uses the “content not relevant” option. 

Which then causes a conversation with my husband that goes something like this: “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! Are they saying that my content is not relevant to THEIR life? Or are they saying I’m not relevant? Am I old? Am I too old for the internet?!” 

And my husband just looks at me. Because how do you even respond to that?

So I made Salted Nut Roll Bars. It’s always a good time for marshmallows and peanut butter and Rice Krispies, right?

I love these kinds of bars. You’ve got the cakey bottom (made from boxed mix so super easy!) and then a marshmallow middle, all topped with crunchy goodness coated in peanut butter. It’s all my fave flavors with all kinds of fun texture. They are delicious. 

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 It’s almost the weekend! Yay! 

You guys, so much snow. So much cold. 

Y’all know I’ve been doing my snow dance since August but I really, really didn’t mean to wish these negative temps on us.

It’s November, Colorado! Get your act together!

We had a high of 7 yesterday.


Seven degrees.

That literally hurts. And, of course, Penelope (the husky) wants to go outside every 10 minutes when it’s snowing. This means that I have to stand there at the back door and watch her or else she’ll open the gate and leave. So I froze all day, standing in front of the back door, watching Penelope eat ALL THE SNOW.

I still love the snow though. I’d just love it a little more if it was, you know, 20 degrees out there. 

I made these bars the other night in preparation of what I thought was a definite snow day. Who doesn’t cancel school when it’s 3 degrees out and snowing like crazy?! We’ve had school canceled for much less around here.

But anyway, I wanted to have some treats on hand since I’m still off wine and I need something to get me through a day stuck in the house with all 3 of my children and the hairy child that throws herself at the back door 6 times an hour.

So good. They’re oatmeal bars with chocolate, pecans, and caramel in the center. I don’t know what it is but I’m just crazy about anything with oats right now and these are definitely my new favorite. And they’re super simple since you use the same dough for both the base and the topping. 

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Whenever I take the kids to self-serve froyo, I always get the same 3 yogurts.

Cake batter, cheesecake, and red velvet cake.

I like cake.

I like anything that tastes like cake.

If Lay’s decides that the next weird chip flavor is cake batter, you better beat me to the store because I’m buying every bag.

(But I’m now on my fave froyo place’s FB page and it says they have pumpkin pie and brownie batter this month so my usual cup may be changing. Besides the point.)

So when Dessert Mash-Ups, a brand new baking book by Dorothy from Crazy for Crust, showed up at my door, I immediately went searching for anything labeled “cake batter”. Because I know that Dorothy loves a cake-flavored dessert as much as I do.


And I found these super cute and delicious Cake Batter Blondie Bars!

You guys, I love a good blondie. Like, I’d choose a really good blondie over a brownie most days.

And this is a really, really good blondie. The chewiness was just perfect. Plus sprinkles and frosting? So good. I definitely ate all the slightly-crunchy-but-not-really edges off these. Yep, a whole 9 x 13-inch pan worth of edges. #noshame

The trick for getting these blondies to taste like cake batter is to use butter extract (you can find it in the baking aisle with the rest of the extracts) which is crazy because how does something as simple as butter extract totally take it from regular blondie to CAKE blondie?

If you haven’t checked out Dessert Mash-Ups yet, you definitely need to. The book is absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to make even more recipes from it. If these Cake Batter Blondie Bars didn’t tempt you, how about Sugar Cookie Dough Cups? Or Almond Joy Dip? Or Snickers Cake Roll? Add this book to your Christmas list if it isn’t already there!

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You know how I’ve been putting jalapeños on literally everything for the past couple months? I think I’m over that finally.

But guess what I’ve moved onto.

Canned green beans. I had an entire can for dinner last night and the night before. A whole can. By myself. And I’m kind of freaking out because I’m officially out of canned green beans and I’m trying to hold off on going grocery shopping until Friday because our Trader Joe’s is finally opening!


(However, ours will sell no wine. Because this is Colorado. Boo.)

And my other current food obsession is butterscotch chips. I’ve always liked butterscotch chips but it wasn’t until recently that I started shoveling handfuls of them into my mouth after every meal. You guys, it’s bad.

I added these Apple Butterscotch Blondies to my “must make” list as soon as I saw them, mostly because of my butterscotch obsession but also because I just love blondies of all types. I think I actually prefer them over brownies.

I love everything about these. They weren’t as dense as your typical blondie but they had a really great texture. And the butterscotch and the apple chunks were absolutely delicious together.

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