Red Velvet Cupcakes - only makes 4 cupcakes! Perfect for when you don't watch a huge batch of cupcakes!

First things first, I spent all of yesterday afternoon watching Mockingjay. I had heard pretty horrible things about it and perhaps my standards are low because I watch 3 movies a year but I kind of loved it. Like, I read the books several times so I knew what was happening but I was on the edge of my seat bed for most of it. 

Also, yes, I am a sucker. I bought it on digital because I had to watch it RIGHT THEN and then I’ll buy it again when it comes out on DVD. Even though I’ll probably never watch it again. 

This is how I work.

Anyway, today is not about me wasting money. Today is about a cookbook that I’d like to give away!

My friend Christina of Dessert for Two recently released a fantastic cookbook also titled Dessert for Two.


The cookbook is filled with classic and not-so-classic recipes that have been scaled down to only serve 2 (or sometimes 4) people. Like, this cupcake recipe? Only makes 4 cupcakes! Which means I had one for me and all 3 kids and there were none left to call my name while I watched my money-waster movie. 

I think it’s a genius idea and I really wish someone had pointed me in the direction of small batch desserts when I went through that mug cake phase last year. Because those things are awful.

I have a long list of things I want to make from Dessert for Two and I started with these Red Velvet Cupcakes because, well, it’s always a good time for a cupcake. They turned out delicious and like I mentioned, I really loved that there was just enough for me and the kids without having extras to deal with. 

To enter to win, use the Rafflecopter widget below. 

Red Velvet Cupcakes - only makes 4 cupcakes! Perfect for when you don't watch a huge batch of cupcakes!

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King Cake Cupcakes

As you guys know, I’m from Mobile, Alabama which is known for many things. Most of which I don’t actually remember because… well, because I’m me. But here are some of my faves:

Dropping a moonpie on New Years Eve.

The Battleship.


The Senior Bowl.

And having the first Mardi Gras celebration in the States.

True story.

I bring this up every Mardi Gras because if there’s one thing us Mobilians hate it’s overhearing someone talk about how Mardi Gras is from New Orleans. 

Seriously, 99% of my Mobile Facebook friends belong to the “Mardi Gras was in Mobile before New Orleans was even a city” FB group. 

We get to claim it. Take that, New Orleans!

(For the record, I love New Orleans Mardi Gras, too. I just like Mobile’s a smidge better.)

Anyway, Mardi Gras has long been my favorite holiday and even though it’s not celebrated here in Colorado, I still sit on my front porch and throw things at the neighbors when they walk by.

Just kidding. But I want to.

King cakes are one of the many things I love about Mardi Gras! If you’ve never had one, it’s like a giant cinnamon roll shaped in a ring and then it’s iced and covered in Mardi Gras sprinkles. Or, you can make my favorite kind which has the cinnamon roll thing going for it but also has a sweetened cream cheese filling. It’s to die for. 

And that’s what these King Cake Cupcakes are except to make life easier for all of us, I used cans of crescent rolls. So really, these guys took absolutely no time to throw together. 

You should definitely make them Tuesday for Mardi Gras or Sunday for Joe Cain Day!

King Cake Cupcakes

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Flourless Chocolate Cake

Well guys, we’re moving. 


Yep, we’re moving from my beloved Colorado to Fort Hood, TX.

I was trying to be tough and not let my husband, who obviously has no control over this, see that I was upset so I went about business after he told me. And then he asked if I was okay and I started full-on ugly crying while vacuuming. 

I think it was just the shock of it. Like, two days ago they were telling him that he’s going to the promotion board next month and giving him the summer field schedule. And then surprise! You’re moving to Texas! 

Once it kind of set in, I was excited. Fort Hood isn’t exactly at the top of my list of places to live but I really love the adventure of it all. A new place, a fresh start. 


Plus, everything’s a lot more complicated this time. When we moved from Alabama to Colorado, we just had the 2 kids and no one was in school yet. Now we have another kid and 2 different schools to deal with. I mean, by the time we get there and get settled, the kids will have only have a couple weeks of school before summer. 

I know things will be fine but right now I’m just overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. 

If you live in the area, I need to know where the good dog park is, where the splash pad for the kids is, and where the best Mexican restaurant with a variety of margarita options is. Okay?  

And because I may or may not have eaten my feelings last night, I’ve got a Flourless Chocolate Cake for you today! I love a flourless cake – they are just so rich and decadent. Plus that ganache on top! Amazing. 

And I know that the word “ganache” sends people running in fear but it’s just chocolate chips and heavy cream! You make it in the microwave. It’s easy, I swear. 

You should definitely make it for your Valentine. 

Flourless Chocolate Cake

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Can we talk about how nice it is to have the kids back in school after Christmas break? And can I also mention how nice it is that my husband’s still on leave so yesterday, when it was 10 degrees and snowing, I didn’t have to leave the house to take anyone to school? 

I’m kind of loving life right now.

So yeah, it snowed all day yesterday which was exciting because we had 0% chance of snow. Oh, Colorado weather people. Always wrong. About everything. 

It was “freezing rain” (is that just a fancy way to say sleet?) for the first few hours of the day so when I decided to just jog down the road to grab our trashcan since I already had my workout gear on, I got a big surprise when I nearly busted my butt on the sheet of ice that was our sidewalk. 

This is why I don’t leave the house when it’s snowing. 

Needless to say, grocery shopping was canceled yesterday. No way in heck was I putting boots and a coat on when I can just stay in my warm house and make coffee cake. 

You guys know that I love coffee cake. I think it may be my favorite cake ever. Like, I think it’s actually surpassed grocery store birthday cake for the top cake spot. That’s big.

This one is so good. My husband and I are still doing paleo so we both cut the tiniest sliver off to taste it and both of us were all “OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!” because we’ve been eating nothing but meat and vegetables.

(And maybe some Gushers. I’m weak.)

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I don’t usually post on Fridays. It feels quite weird. But it’s Halloween and that calls for chocolate! And bacon! And dulce de leche!

Plus, I skipped my usual football food post yesterday. Mostly because the queso fundido I made for the post turned out very different from how I expected it to.

The chorizo I bought… well, it kind of melted when I cooked it. I don’t know how else to explain it. You know how normally chorizo has the same texture as sausage or ground beef when you cook it? Like you break it up into chunks?

Nope, not this chorizo. It was so… melty… that some of it went straight through my colander when I tried to drain the fat.


We ate it anyway. Obviously. Because queso dip with weird chorizo is still pretty awesome.

This is what I get for going grocery shopping at Target because I wanted to look at their Christmas decorations even though I know Target never has the brands of “weird” food that I like.

And speaking of foods that Target didn’t have: dulce de leche!

But if you have the same problem and can’t find dulce de leche, you can do what I did to make these Chocolate-Bacon Cupcakes with Dulce de Leche Frosting.

Take a can of sweetened condensed milk, put it in your slow cooker, cover it completely with water, and let it cook on low for 8 hours. You’ll have perfect dulce de leche when it’s done!

If you’ve never made anything with chocolate and bacon together, you absolutely must. It just works so deliciously. And the dulce de leche cream cheese frosting makes it even more magical. If you’re more of a cookie person, I’ve got a candied bacon chocolate chip cookie recipe that is a favorite among all my friends!

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