Meet my current favorite soup.

I’ve made it twice in the last few weeks.

I don’t even like soup. But I could eat this every day for a month and not be sick of it.

It’s supposed to be like the Panera Chicken and Wild Rice Soup but I can’t tell you for certain. I’ve never tried that one because I’m too busy ordering the broccoli cheese soup. In a bread bowl. With an extra baguette.

Because I really want to gain 20 pounds before bikini season.

This is THE EASIEST soup you will ever make. I even buy a rotisserie chicken to make it even easier. And then you use a boxed wild rice mix (with the seasoning packet!) plus some fresh onion and carrot.

And then you stir in heavy cream at the end.

Because why not?

So good. So easy. I’ll probably make it again next week.

Double it if you’re feeding more than 3 or 4 people or want leftovers. It doesn’t make a ton but it does reheat really well. It’d be perfect for making on the weekend and taking for lunch during the week!

Click for the full recipe