Today we’re going to talk cocktails.

Because Thanksgiving is officially  one month away. And for whatever reason, planning Thanksgiving really stresses me out. Even though it’s just going to be the kids, the husband, the dogs, and little ol’ me.

Yep, the husband’s scheduled to be home in time for Thanksgiving.

Which is another layer of stress. That sounds crazy, huh? You’d think after 9 months, excitement would be the main emotion. Nope. Stress.

Is the house clean enough? Did I lose those 10 pounds yet? The dang dog needs a haircut but I have to time it just right so she’s grown out of the awkward haircut stage when he gets home. (Like he cares.) The kids needs haircuts, too. We all need a special “homecoming” outfit. Have I found a hiding spot for all that Pyrex I bought? I never did find a photographer for the ceremony. I take that back. I never even looked for a photographer!

Stress. Ugh.

I won’t be able to tell you guys that he’s home until he’s, like, standing in front of me. Because there are some real jerks out there in the world. So forgive me for being vague for the next little while.

Anyway, with Thanksgiving ONE MONTH AWAY, it’s really time for me to think about this whole menu thing. Most important thing is officially checked off the list: cocktail!

I bought my first ever (tiny) bottle of Bourbon to make this Bourbon-Apple Sidecar. Even the lovely lady that owns the liquor store was all, “Hmm, this is different for you!” because she’s used to me only buying cheap moscato and Straw-ber-ritas.

It turns out that Bourbon is quite tasty! Especially with a little apple juice!

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You guys, the weather.

It literally rained all day yesterday. While never making it out of the 50s.

What is this.

It reminds me of that time last summer when my husband was on 24-hour duty and somehow his humvee got swept away by a flash flood. He came home soaking wet at 1 am and I was all “HOW IS YOUR PHONE?!” and he just stared at me for awhile before saying, “That Private and I almost died!”

And then I said “No, but really, how’s your phone?”

Not because I don’t care but because… in what world does a HUMVEE get swept away in a FLASH FLOOD in COLORADO?

I didn’t full understand what happened until they had to go dig the vehicle out of the mud the next day and sent photos.

And yeah, we totally had to buy a new phone.

In honor of Colorado’s weather being stupid and ruining the last full week of summer for us, I made margaritas! Margaritas make everything better!

These guava margaritas are super delicious – they just taste like summer! My only complaint is that the guava nectar I used wasn’t bright pink, but hey, it still tastes like guava and that’s the important part!

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I’m in the midst of a panic.


My two oldest boys are going to school this year. One in 2nd grade and the other in pre-k. Number 1 annoying thing is that they’re going to different elementary schools on post. Because the Army is all about efficiency.

And then, number 2. Neither school has school supply lists on their website yet! Kid #1’s school is… not my favorite. I don’t want to say that the vice-principal and I have had words but, it may have happened. More than once. (FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING GOOD, LADY, TURN THE PAGE OF THE SHOT RECORDS SO I DON’T HAVE TO COME UP HERE EVERY QUARTER AND TELL YOU THAT YOU’RE AN IDIOT.) So I’m not really expecting them to have their supply lists posted anytime before November.

But then Kid #2’s school has every grade BUT pre-k listed on their supply list.

Geez people, c’mon.

I am obsessed with school supplies even though I am old and have no real use for them. I just love them. The highlight of my middle school years was getting a big paper bag of school supplies at the start of each year (because we all had to have the EXACT same supplies and the EXACT same color binder for each class) and obsessively sorting them out on my bedroom floor. Once a day I would unpack that bag and try to decide how many pencils I would put in the math pile and how many would go in German.

I still use a Lisa Frank notebook to make my grocery lists.


Margaritas have come in handy during my obsessive website refresh sessions. These are peach margaritas and they’re my fave. The white peaches are extra good this year and I’m really enjoying eating them fresh or chopping them up for smoothies. And yeah, maybe a margarita every once in a while.

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Quick reminder: The blog will be down from Sunday night to Tuesday morning. If you need any recipes during that time, get them now!

And now we talk wine. Because it’s Friday! And I’m currently roadtripping with all 3 kids and a cockapoo. I’m almost positive that by the time this post goes live, I’ll be wishing that I was at the pool with a glass of wine in my hand.

(The husky was boarded. Because she sings in the car. And I couldn’t handle that for 19 hours.)

CK Mondavi recently sent me what may be the greatest box of goodies I’ve ever received. It was wine. All wine.

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With summer basically upon us, has your drink of choice changed?

I was all about the wine during fall and winter but now I want nothing but homemade fruity cocktails! And the occasional strawberry ale when I’m feeling too lazy to mix something up.

I’ve been obsessed with pineapple lately too. It’s so bad that when my store is out of the sliced fresh stuff (I’m lazy, remember?), I’ll buy the canned pineapple and put it on my salads. It’s really weird because I’ve never been a fan of pineapple.

Whatever, we’re going with it.

I made this cocktail over the weekend after a hike and a Target trip with all three kids. You just need a cocktail after that. Even if it’s only 1 pm.

For these guys, you make a syrup with water, sugar, and pineapple juice. And then you steep fresh basil leaves in the syrup. I know, pineapple and basil? But it works! I typically find pineapple juice waaaay too sweet but with the basil and then the gin, it was great. Perfect (kiddie) poolside drink!

Pineapple Basil Cocktai

from Southern Living


For the syrup:
2 cups sugar
1 cup pineapple juice
1 cup water
1 cup packed basil leaves
For the cocktail:
3/4 cup gin
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
1 1/2 cups sparkling water, chilled


    To make the syrup:
  1. Bring sugar, pineapple juice, and water to a boil in a medium saucepan, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and add basil leaves. Allow to steep for 10 minutes. Pour through a wire mesh strainer (into a cup) and use the back of a spoon to press all the liquid out of the basil. Cool completely before proceeding.
  2. To make the cocktail:
  3. Fill a 2-quart pitcher with ice. Stir in 1 cup of the syrup you just made, the gin, and lemon juice. Stir to combine. Right before serving, stir in the sparkling water.