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Gluten Free Iced Orange Cookies - the perfect gluten free holiday cookie recipe! Tender cookies with orange zest and topped with a delicious sweet orange glaze.

We had parent teacher conferences last month and during one of them my blog came up and we started talking about how I do a lot of paleo stuff and the teacher mentioned that she and her husband are gluten free so when her students bring in homemade treats for her, she typically has to pass them on to other teachers.

And I don’t know if I’ve told you guys but I love all my kids’ teachers this year. I love them.

So obviously gluten free treats needed to be made for her.

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Happy Monday!

How’d your team do? What’d you cook? Should we start a petition to make the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday?

Anyway, let’s ease into the week with a cocktail, eh?

I’m obsessed with blood oranges as I am every year around this time.

Even my kids are hooked on them. I bought a bag of regular oranges last week and my littlest looked at me and said, “Where are the bloody ones?”

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Hey guys, happy almost Friday! Hooray for a short week, right?

The boys and I are headed to San Antonio this weekend and this is probably our last San Antonio trip before we move, so send me all the must eats! All I care about is the food.

I mean, obviously we’ll see The Alamo again and we have other plans but really, I’m just going for the food. I already have a list of, like, 15 places and I plan on teaching the boys the fine art of eating like a food blogger.

Not much else going on around here right now. I finally stopped breaking all my resolutions on the 11th so that’s been good.

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Strawberry Orange Smoothie - immune boosting and hydrating! Coconut water, strawberries, orange juice, and avocado make the most delicious smoothie!

Happy Monday, guys!

We’re one week closer to school starting.

Will it ever get here?!

We’re officially all stocked up on notebook paper and pencils and approximately 250 glue sticks. Why so much glue? Why?!

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Buttery Cranberry Orange Scones make the perfect breakfast! These are every bit as delicious as the ones from your fave coffee shop!

Cranberry Orange Scones - just as delicious as a coffee shop!

Prepare yourselves, I have a major complaint about the world.

Okay, so, I bought a car two days ago and spent hours filling out forms. Yesterday I spent a good portion of my day filling out rental applications for the move.

And here’s my complaint: it’s 2015. Why am I still filling out all these paper forms?


I did the online application so I could avoid printing and faxing. Why did I then have to go and fill out the same stuff on a piece of paper?! 

I run my entire business online. I sign contracts, I fill out tax forms, I do it all online. If you need me to print something and sign it, it’ll take weeks. Weeks. Because I don’t own a printer. And if you need me to fax something… it probably won’t happen. Ever. Is that even a thing? Like, do they still sell fax machines? Why do you even have a fax number? 

Get an email address.

I’ll print the form (it may take awhile) and then email it to you. It works, I promise.

Guys, I’ve been living on the internet since I built my first Geocities site in 1996. Complete with lava lamp clip art. I really thought that by this time in my life, I’d literally be able to do everything online.  

Sometime between printing all 12 pages of the rental applications and sending them off, I made some scones. Because buttery pastry is the only thing that soothes my soul when I’m aggravated that the world won’t just do what I want it to do. 


When I was in the Los Angeles airport last week, the only food places close to my gate were a Carl’s Jr and a coffee place so for lunch I had french fries and a cranberry scone. And it was the worst cranberry orange scone ever. I’ve been wanting a good one ever since and finally made a batch. They’re so good – especially if you warm them up and smear a decent amount of butter on them. Mmm! 

Cranberry Orange Scones - just as delicious as a coffee shop!

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