Heeey guys, happy almost Friday! How’s the week?

I’ve had a crazy busy week but besides one total meltdown that included sending crying snaps to multiple people (about shoes, y’all! SHOES!) it’s been a really good week.

Highlight of my week so far has been street tacos and nobody should be surprised by that. I’m kind of half-heartedly working on a post about the best restaurants in the area (without going to Austin) so if you’ve got any non-chain suggestions, send ’em my way!

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Thai Mushroom Lettuce Wraps - delicious meatless lettuce wraps! Healthy, quick, and cheap!

Heeeeey guys! Happy New Year! Hope you had a safe and fabulous weekend and are ready to get to work on those 2017 resolutions.

First, I wanted to say thanks to you guys for sticking around all these years. I appreciate every comment, every email, every single time you click on my site. I love you guys.

Anyway, I skipped the whole year in review post this year because this last year was somehow the best and worst year of my life and my blog was a total mess because of it. My highs were really high and my lows were really, really, really low and honestly, I don’t even know how I managed to blog most of the time.

I’m going into 2017 knowing it’ll be probably the hardest year of my life but also knowing that things will look a lot better on the other side of this mess.

So, again, thank you for everything.

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Paleo Korean Beef Bowls - delicious 20 minute meal! Spicy and sweet beef served over cauliflower rice!

Haaaaaaappy Friday, y’all!

Umm. Can we talk about this week’s Real Housewives of New York?


I mean, LuAnn is insane, right? What is happening there?! How does she not realize she’s insane?!

I’ve watched the episode 3 times and I still squeal with horrified glee when they all go crazy over the guys on the boat. So embarrassing. The whole episode was a mess.

And I loved every minute of it.

Also, Big Brother is really boring and this is the first time I haven’t cared about it since season 2. So. Ugh.

Way to ruin my life, CBS.

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Loaded Cauliflower Mac and Cheese - cauliflower tossed in a delicious paleo cheese sauce and topped with bacon. Get your mac and cheese fix without the guilt!

Heeeey guys! Happy Monday!

How was the weekend?

I discovered that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is now on Netflix and umm, it changed my life. You guys. No one told me that it’s a musical series.

A musical!

Anyway, it’s really good and I’m not gonna tell you how many episodes I watched while I was catching up on some work that I’m waaaay behind on.

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Happy Monday!

I know, a healthy recipe from me.

It’s been awhile since we had one of these, huh?

My life’s been kind of a mess (I swear I’ll explain it all when I can) and I’ve been avoiding being an actual adult by doing things like driving to Waco for tacos or driving to Austin for doughnuts. It’s been fun but it’s time to get back to eating healthy.

I mean seriously, bikini season. It’s right around the corner.

I already bought my doughnut-shaped pool float.

So in an effort to make eating healthy as easy as possible, I spent a good portion of the weekend prepping for the week.

We’ll see how it goes.

But I’m really excited to have these Paleo Blackberry Muffins for quick, easy breakfasts. You know I love a coconut flour muffin so of course I’m obsessed with these. They are lightly sweetened with honey and then loaded with fresh blackberries.

Because I can’t get enough fresh berries right now!

If you’re not into the blackberries, try raspberries or blueberries!

Make a batch of these and you won’t have to worry about breakfasts for the entire week!

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