Slow Cooker Sweet and Spicy Peanuts – easy and delicious party snack! Peanuts cooked in butter, brown sugar, sriracha, and chili powder. They are addictive and everyone will be asking for the recipe!

Slow Cooker Sweet and Spicy Peanuts - easy and delicious party snack! Peanuts cooked in butter, brown sugar, sriracha, and chili powder! So addictive!

Happy Monday, y’all!

How was the weekend? We did Christmas on Saturday because I gave my ex the holidays this year. Santa came and all that.

So I ate cookies literally all weekend and now I think I need to go on a detox for the next month and a half.

Also, super excited to put all the Christmas decorations away the second I hand the kids over to their dad.

Anyway, our Christmas was fabulous. As you know, this was the first one since the divorce and I had a moment of  “Whoa, I actually pulled this off all by myself” as I watched the kiddos open their gifts.

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Butterscotch Peanut Fudge – butterscotch, peanut butter, and peanuts! This is going to be your new favorite fudge recipe. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and salty!

Butterscotch Peanut Fudge - butterscotch, peanut butter, and peanuts! This is going to be your new favorite fudge recipe. It's the perfect mix of sweet and salty!

You guys.

I want you all to be proud of me. Not only do I have decorations up, I’ve even started buying presents.

This is a big deal because up until about 3 days ago, my kids were only getting donations to my favorite charities in their name.

I have had quite the year.

At some point in the near future, I’ve got to A) figure out where to move and B) move myself, 3 kids, 3 dogs, and all our stuff.

So I am very much anti-stuff right now. I don’t want to bring anything else into the house that I will then have to store and then move. I just cannot handle anything else.

But yeah, I gave in and bought them a few things and they’ll be happy with what they get, dangit.

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Monster Trail Mix - the ultimate roadtrip snack mix! Pretzels, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, raisins, peanuts, and M&Ms!

Are you loving summer?

I’m loving summer. This has been the best summer of my life and we’re only a few weeks in. My kids are all at really good ages for outdoorsy things right now and we’re just really loving everything central Texas has to offer.

Plus, we’re counting down the days to our next roadtrip!

Wait. Another roadtrip with 3 boys and a dog?

Amanda, are you crazy?


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January is a hard month to be a food blogger. I mean, the last few months have all had a theme. September was football, October was pumpkin & Halloween, November was Thanksgiving, and December was Christmas.

But there’s nothing in January.

I’m posting healthy/paleo stuff because I hear it’s popular around this time of year but every time I do, someone unsubscribes and uses the “content not relevant” option. 

Which then causes a conversation with my husband that goes something like this: “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! Are they saying that my content is not relevant to THEIR life? Or are they saying I’m not relevant? Am I old? Am I too old for the internet?!” 

And my husband just looks at me. Because how do you even respond to that?

So I made Salted Nut Roll Bars. It’s always a good time for marshmallows and peanut butter and Rice Krispies, right?

I love these kinds of bars. You’ve got the cakey bottom (made from boxed mix so super easy!) and then a marshmallow middle, all topped with crunchy goodness coated in peanut butter. It’s all my fave flavors with all kinds of fun texture. They are delicious. 

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I’m going through this weird sandwich thing right now.

I don’t eat sandwiches often, I’m just really not a fan. Like, twice a year I’ll crave a Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki but that’s basically it. And y’all know I’m addicted to Jimmy John’s but since I get the lettuce wrapped sandwich, I consider that more of a portable salad.

A portable salad with mayo oozing out the sides but a portable salad nonetheless.

In the past two weeks, I’ve had Subway, Jimmy John’s with actual bread, and Schlotzsky’s. Because I want ALL THE SANDWICHES. I even plotted out a route for this week’s Pyrex search that takes me right by a Firehouse Subs since we don’t have one in my part of the city.

It’s bad.

And it gets worse.

On Monday, I walked the kid to school, put the other two in the car and drove straight to Walmart for bagels, chive & onion cream cheese, and…


And then I came home and fried the Spam and made a bagelwich.

Something has happened to my brain. That’s the only explanation.

Today’s recipe is a not a sandwich but don’t be shocked if you see me instagram a BLT or something equally weird on this PB&J Banana Bread soon.

So yeah, the bread is a delicious peanut butter banana bread but you swirl some jam into the batter and top it with a streusel topping. It may be my favorite banana bread recipe yet. I just loved the little pockets of jam in the bread and who doesn’t love a streusel topping?

Aaaaand, the best part! It’s not one of those annoying recipes that only fills up half a loaf pan! This one was nice and tall!

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