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Heeeey guys! Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Saturday was my favorite day of the month: our local food truck festival! I don’t know why I love it so much. I mean, I visit all my favorite food trucks frequently but for some reason, it just makes my heart happy to see them all together. So the boys and I ventured to downtown Temple for kimchi fries, brisket nachos, and lumpia.

Anyway, big game’s this weekend, huh? Excited?!

Me too!

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Red Beans and Rice - the ultimate comfort food! Easy and cheap!
Are you in full-on fall mode yet?
Last week my mom and I were exchanging emails about all the fall candles we bought and I realized that I’ve officially moved onto fall.

Yep, burning “Sweater Weather” in every room of my house.

No shame. And I’ve had my windows open for weeks.

It’s 97 degrees in central Texas and I’m sweating buckets. But I don’t care. It’s fall in my head.

I’ve also moved onto fall foods. I bought so much squash last weekend. Literally every acorn squash my store had.

Every single one.

I’m all in on fall, guys.

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This post is brought to you courtesy of Hillshire Farm® but all the opinions and content are mine. Cajun Tortellini Alfredo - delicious 20 minute dinner recipe! Tortellini and smoked sausage in a delicious cajun alfredo sauce!

Heeeey guys! Today I have a recipe that includes all my favorite things.

Smoked sausage, cheese, and more cheese! And guess what. It’s so easy and will take you no time at all!

Cajun Tortellini Alfredo - delicious 20 minute dinner recipe! Tortellini and smoked sausage in a delicious cajun alfredo sauce!

I used the Hillshire Farm® Beef Smoked Sausage in this recipe. This smoked sausage is one thing I know my kids will never complain about – I’ve been known to just brown it up and serve it with barbecue sauce when I’m not feeling like cooking and they really love that!

But for this recipe, I browned it up with onions and garlic and then tossed in some Cajun seasoning. I used heavy cream and Parmesan cheese to make the Alfredo part of the recipe and then tossed in some cheese tortellini.

Cajun Tortellini Alfredo - delicious 20 minute dinner recipe! Tortellini and smoked sausage in a delicious cajun alfredo sauce!

Ultimate comfort food! This is exactly the kind of meal I like this time of year. Plus, it was ready in less than 20 minutes! It’s perfect for a weeknight or a night you just don’t feel like being in the kitchen for an hour.

Before you head to Target to purchase any of the Hillshire Farm® Smoked Sausages, download the Cartwheel app and add this 20% OFF OFFER to your cartwheel!

Cajun Tortellini Alfredo - delicious 20 minute dinner recipe! Tortellini and smoked sausage in a delicious cajun alfredo sauce! Click for the full recipe



I am forever looking for new breakfast ideas for myself. I’m not really into typical breakfast foods first thing in the morning (but I love a cinnamon roll in the afternoon or pancakes for dinner) and a girl can only have so many breakfast salads before she starts to lose it.

This Breakfast Stuffed Acorn Squash is my new favorite and I’m going through withdrawals right now because Trader Joe’s was out of acorn squash the other day and I’m refusing to go to any other grocery stores until the excitement of TJ’s wears off.

Life is rough.

And I know you think I’m nuts and you think squash for breakfast is a horrible idea. But trust me, this is so good. It’s just cooked acorn squash with turkey breakfast sausage, onion, garlic, and an egg on top. And then when you’re ready to eat you mash it all together and dump a ton of sriracha on top and you’ve got a healthy, delicious breakfast that’s full of protein and good carbs. Plus, it’s just fun to eat straight out of a squash!

I prepped this one night while binge watching Once Upon a Time (which I always thought sounded super lame but I’m addicted) and it was so nice to wake up the next couple of mornings and not have to worry about breakfast. I just popped a half in the microwave and sat down to eat!

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You guys. I have had a week.

And I know that technically the week isn’t over but I’m done with blog posts after I hit publish on this and I’m done with sports practices. My only obligation is getting kids to and from school. After that, I’m free to get in my PJs and afternoon-drink.

Not that I’d ever do that.

I know I said I’d never mention Stove Saga 2014 again but… I’m mentioning it again. Because guess what? Now my stupid oven is stupid.

When I preheated the oven to make these Sweet Lil Smokies yesterday, it never preheated. Like, it didn’t light or whatever it is that ovens do. So I kept turning it off and on until it finally did.

And two hours later it finally passed 300F.


Yeah, I really waited almost 3 hours for my oven to get to 375 degrees so that I could make these.

These lil smokies are one of my favorite things in the universe. The first time I made them was my now 7 year old’s first birthday. Since then I’ve made them at least twice a football season and any other time I’m required to bring an appetizer or snack.

And I know you’re probably thinking “Ewww, why would I want my pigs-in-a-blanket to be sweet?” You just do. The butter and the brown sugar and the honey and the pecans – it just works.

Fun fact: I had this recipe on the blog years ago but hated the picture and eventually just deleted the whole post because I couldn’t stand having it on the internet. That says a lot because I have some pretty horrendous photos on this little blog. But it’s back now. And you should make it.

PS. Two more weeks until NFL games start!

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