Stuffed Hatch Peppers - delicious spicy hatch chiles stuffed with ground turkey, black beans, corn, salsa, and topped with monterey jack cheese. Easy and healthy dinner!

Heeeey guys!

I don’t know that I’ve ever mentioned this but hatch pepper season is my favorite time of year since moving to Texas. We used to get them in Colorado but it’s nowhere near like it is in Texas.

Like, you walk into HEB and they’ve got barrels of mild hatch peppers here and the spicy ones are over there and if you want your hatch peppers already roasted, you’re in luck.

Because they’ve got roasted ones and roasted diced ones and, by the way, they’re sampling hatch pepper guacamole over there and hatch pepper cornbread in the bakery and, oh, hatch pepper empanadas right here.

There are even hatch pepper fake Oreos and I have 11 boxes of them in my freezer right now to last until next year and you can take your judgement somewhere else.

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