I’m not really a lucky person. I’m kind of like Lindsay Lohan in Just My Luck after she kisses the boy. What? I’m the only loser who’s seen every Lohan movie? Okie dokie…


I won a giveaway! Me! The girl who not long ago slammed her thumb in her Camaro door and then had to spend 3 minutes digging through her purse to find her keys and then another 2 minutes trying to get the key to go in the keyhole, all with a baby strapped to her chest. That one right there pretty much sums up my luck. So yeah, I know you’re dying to know what I won. It was a $50 giftcard to Bake It Pretty thanks to The Sweetest Kitchen. $50! Of cupcake goodness! It was one of my more exciting moments of 2010.

I tell you this because I got those cute Panettone wrappers thanks to that giftcard. I was not excited at all about making Panettone (which is the next bread on my BBA list) but as soon as I saw these wrappers I couldn’t wait.

The bread was, as expected, not my favorite. I don’t believe dried fruit and nuts have any place in yeast bread. Ever. It’s just a no. That said, I only used raisins (not golden) because that’s all I had. I also left out the liquor because we don’t keep that either. I did, by the luck of the Irish (get it?! Because it’s Saint Patrick’s day! I kill myself.), have slivered almonds.

The bread was more difficult than the others only because it requires a barm which is the sourdough starter that is in The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. Lucky me, I happened to start my sourdough starter a few weeks ago.

I halved the recipe and still got 6 loaves that looked like oversized biscuits. They were so pretty, they baked up perfectly. Like I said though, we weren’t really fans. There was just a tiny bit of butter in the dough but it still had a brioche feel to it. It was pretty bland and not something I’d make again. It was fun though and I’m glad I had the cute wrappers!

Interested in giving it a try? Open your copy of The Bread Baker’s Apprentice to page 202. And check out the BBA blogroll to see what the other baker’s thought of the Panettone.



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