Okay guys, finally.

I’ve been meaning to put this post up since I got home from Salt Lake City but my life has been crazy.

So last month I traveled to SLC for Everything Food Conference, which is a fabulous food blogging conference that I definitely recommend if you’re into that sort of thing.

I say that I went for the conference but the reality is that I mostly went to hang out with Nicole because it’s been FOUR YEARS since we’ve seen each other.

Anyway, I thought I would share some of my faves from my weekend there. Places to eat, where to stay, where to get tattoos, the usual.

(Most of the photos are from my Snapchat! You should follow me: amandalivesay)


We stayed at The Hyatt Place Downtown @ The Gateway.

Honestly, we couldn’t have picked a better place to stay. It was right next to the conference venue, they have a jar of dog treats on the check-in counter (!), and a public transportation stop pretty much right in front of the hotel.

Plus, the nicest people ever. I bought a glass bottle Coke from a taco stand (dumb move, Amanda) and they went searching for a bottle opener for me. And then our first night there, all of downtown Salt Lake lost power and the staff was awesome and a lot of fun about it.

The room itself was amazing. Ginormous king-size bed, a giant TV, gorgeous bathroom, and a separate little area with a sofa.

Each morning they put out the most epic spread I’ve ever seen at a hotel. The standards like bacon and fresh fruit and cereal but then they also had piles of doughnuts and bowls of different flavored yogurt and cottage cheese.

You guys know I miss the mountains like crazy so I was obsessed with the view from our room. The mountains in SLC are absolutely stunning. Everywhere Nicole and I went, we were all, “Omgggg! LOOK AT THE MOUNTAINS!”

Plus, the weather! I’ll take a 50 degree morning!

It’s a quick walk from The Hyatt Place to Temple Square.

Temple Square is incredible. The temple itself is amazing, there are gorgeous flowers everywhere, and we got to see so many people getting married. If you do nothing else in SLC, go see the temple. I could’ve stayed there all day.

Okay, food!

The tacos!

There’s a taco stand right in front of the Hyatt Place called Tacos Hidalgo with $1 tacos.


We ordered 7. We would’ve ordered 8 but we were scared of the beef head.

They were amazing. If you’re around The Gateway, you must stop for a taco!

(Strawberry mint popsicle from Lick’d!)

My favorite, favorite, favorite meal in SLC was at Whiskey Street.

We ended up here because they have a crazy long list of Moscow Mules and we both love a Moscow Mule. My favorite was the Peach Mule – it was spicy and sweet and perfection. Highly recommend.

We also had the Short Rib Polenta Poutine and the Bourbon Bacon Caramel Popcorn. The polenta poutine was easily one the best things I’ve ever eaten in my life. I’m considering a trip to SLC just to go to Whiskey Street.

And because we couldn’t stop ourselves, we also shared the Pork Belly Cuban.

You guys. Go here. Just do it.

We skipped out on the conference one afternoon to walk down to RubySnap.

We’d received a RubySnap cookie in our swag bag and omg, best cookie ever. I’d heard people talk about these cookies but I didn’t understand exactly how magical they are until I got my hands on them.

Those 6 you see? I brought those home on the plane and they were a giant disaster by then but I hid them from my kids and enjoyed every single bite.

RubySnap is a must if you’re visiting SLC.

After we carb-loaded we needed caffeine, so we walked over to Blue Copper Roasters for flat whites. It was a really hip coffee shop with succulents on all the tables and the baristas only laughed at me a little when I asked them to make my flat white pretty.

We passed a tattoo place on our walk from RubySnap to Blue Copper and Nicole innocently said, “I’ve always wanted to get a pineapple tattoo”.

Fast forward about 8 hours and both of us have pineapple tattoos.

Bryan from Big Deluxe Tattoo did them and was great. The tattoos turned out perfect and he totally went along with our giggly girl conversations.

Our final meal in Salt Lake was brunch at RYE.

I don’t know if all food in SLC is amazing or if we just had really good luck but brunch was seriously good.

We shared the Pork Belly Breakfast Bowl and the Waffle & Whiskey with fried chicken on top.

I’m still obsessed with the breakfast bowl and have been trying to recreate it since I got home. Let’s not talk about the number of kimchi jars I’ve gone through.

Thank you Salt Lake City for being gorgeous and for allowing us to enjoy all your food. I can’t wait to return!

And thanks to Hyatt for all your hospitality!