I’ve been hearing about NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month, since I began blogging back in 2007 but I’ve never had time to make the commitment to blogging everyday for a month. School, family, blah blah blah, you know the story. I’ve decided to take the plunge this year even though there will be a baby arriving sometime in the next 30 days. Yikes, right? Here’s hoping for hospital WiFi!

I’ve been reading other NaBloPoMo posts today and most people (especially food bloggers) seem to have a back log of recipes and photos to use, and well, I have nothing. We’re going day by day here. So you know what? You might hear about my dinner, or my failed attempt at frying shredded potatoes this morning (I wanted Waffle House style hashbrowns), or maybe even the stray cat that’s decided to sleep in a chair on my porch. I’ll be here everyday and that’s the important part.

This post, however, is about my newest BBA creation, focaccia. I love focaccia and I have a super simple recipe that we love and always turns out awesome, so I was a little put off by the 2 day event that this guy calls for. Lots of folding, waiting, folding, waiting, refrigerating, waiting, waiting, and waiting some more.

It’s good bread, not going to lie, but 2 days of waiting good? Maybe, but I don’t think it was any better than the recipe I usually use. That said, the outside pieces were amazingly crunchy (my favorite part of any bread) and the inside was super chewy. I did a simple herb oil with thyme, rosemary, garlic, and salt and it was really, really delicious. You can’t go wrong with thyme and rosemary in my book.

Visit the BBA blogroll to see where all the other baker’s are and pick up Peter Reinhart’s book next time you’re in the mood to bake some bread!



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