Halloween is probably my most favorite holiday for decorations. I love the bright colors, I love the skulls, and y’all know I loooove the pumpkins! This year, though, I had some real problems.

When my husband deployed and his buddies deployed, we turned one of our closets into somewhat of a storage unit for our single soldier friends who were getting kicked out of their barracks. And my Halloween decorations are buried under all that stuff! Ahhh! I really considered not decorating this year but in the end I couldn’t do it. I just love it too much.

So I started over completely and I tried not to spend too much money. I DIY’d a few things, hit up the dollar store, and filled in the rest at inexpensive “big box” stores.

One of my kids favorite decorations that I have up is that orange plastic bucket filled with plastic spider rings. It’s doing double duty – the spiders will go in our trick-or-treat goodies on Halloween night! Both the bucket and the spiders came from the dollar store so it was really inexpensive and still a great way to bring bright colors to my kitchen.

I also love using candy corn because nothing says HALLOWEEN quite like a big tub of candy corn. I used a really cute glass pumpkin jar which was less than $6 at Target. I also picked up the black and orange garland at Target for a couple bucks. I usually do lights on the rails for the stairs that lead to our house but like I said, those are buried in the closet. This garland will do the trick this year! It’s cute and sparkly which is pretty much all I ask for in a Halloween decoration.

The kids and I DIY’d these ghost lights. They were so simple and I’m willing to bet you already have most of the supplies! We took regular ol’ mason jars and put 2 coats of white acrylic paint. Once that was dry we used black acrylic paint to make ghost faces. I used some of those fake tealights to put in them and they’re actually really cool because they flicker just like a real candle but I won’t have to worry about trick-or-treaters knocking them over.

The whole project only cost me a few dollars because I already had the jars and the tealights!

My mom sent me this idea and I just had to do it! Admittedly, it didn’t turn out as cute as I’d hoped but the imperfections are what make it uniquely ours.

For this one I used a black canvas (you should be able to find it at any craft store) and the same white paint I used for the ghost lights. The just painted the kids feet (one at a time) and had them make a footprint. As you can see, they were really squirmy and apparently have more than 5 toes each! Once the footprints were dry I used a sharpie to do the ghost faces (you could use paint) and a white paint pen to to write on it. I attached a cute black ribbon to hang it and voila, it was done. It took no time and all and my kids are in love with it!

I even use the dog as decoration! bahaha!

Just remember: your decorations don’t have to cost a ton, they don’t have to be complicated, and they don’t have to be perfect. Just do what you love whether that’s sparkles and glitter and pink pumpkins or scary ghouls and goblins. Just go for it!


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