I bought The Bread Baker’s Apprentice a few months ago and came home so excited to get started. You might remember that I even made a couple breads. But then I made a sourdough starter and my first try at sourdough turned out hard as a rock. The second try broke my stand mixer. I officially gave up on the book after that one.

A couple weeks ago I saw that Pinch My Salt was looking for people to bake along with and complete every recipe in the book.  I emailed her as soon as I realized what she was asking. You can’t keep me down sourdough!

Our first bread was the anadama. This one never appealed to me. Molasses and cornmeal? Umm, no thanks! But I couldn’t skip out on the first recipe, that would just be wrong.

The molasses, thankfully, is hardly noticeable. The cornmeal just adds a little crunch to the top of the bread. Overall, a good bread although I don’t think I could use it as sandwich bread or anything like that. Just a little butter for this guy.

We won’t be posting the recipes for this bread since, you know, we would end up posting the whole book but I want to encourage you to purchase it and start baking with us.



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