In a book of yeast breads, this cornbread sticks out like a sore thumb, but after trying it I see why it’s there. It’s just that good.

It was a bit complicated for cornbread. It involved soaking cornmeal in buttermilk overnight which I thought was a bit much. In fact, I didn’t do it. Why? Because it didn’t occur to me to check the recipe the night before because cornbread shouldn’t take 2 days. I did let it sit for maybe 4 hours or so and that was only because I had accidentally pulled turkey bacon out of the freezer and had to wait for the real stuff to defrost.

It was so good though. The bread itself was pretty sweet as far as cornbread goes and then the salty bacon on top – oh lord, it was good. We had it for dinner one night. That’s it, just bacon topped cornbread. And we were all fine with that.

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