I cheated on this bread. Just wanted to get that out there.

The next bread on my list was the Pain de Campagne which is similar to French bread but has a teeny bit of whole wheat (or rye) flour in it. It requires a pre-ferment and needs hearth baking to get the best results.

I was having a bad day week month when I made this bread and I really just wanted to make some bread to take my mind off everything. I started this one and a sourdough thinking at least one would be done that day (because I always fail to read ahead) but no luck, they both were 2 day’ers.

So I turned this one into a 1 day bread. I let the pre-ferment sit as long as I could but you could definitely tell a difference in flavor from this one and one that has been allowed to sit overnight in the fridge. I was also pretty horribly at shaping and slashing these.

You can laugh at that one. I know I did.

I think I want to try this one again when I’m not so impatient because it’s supposed to be a really good bread.

If you’re interested in making the bread as the book instructs you too, go check out the The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. It’s on page 195. Make sure you visit the BBA blogroll to see how the other bakers are doing.

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