(I know I just posted a giveaway but I wanted to get this one up and sent out to the winner so that they’re able to use it for Thanksgiving.)

I love the military life, it’s true. I love that we packed up our lives and moved all the way across the country. I love that I know it won’t be long before we do it all over again. I love that my kids are growing up surrounded by some of the bravest/strongest/toughest guys I know. I love that we have great healthcare and that I can call one number and have appointments made for all of us within 5 minutes (silly, I know, but man is it convenient).

There are a lot of really great aspects to this life. And, of course, there are the bad things.

At the end of this year, my kids will have spent as much time away from daddy as they did with him. The daddy will have missed both birthdays of our older boys and next year he’ll miss all 3 of their birthdays. Not to mention my birthday, our anniversary, and he’ll spend his own birthday in the cold mountains of who knows where.

When Kikkoman asked if I wanted to give away a Commissary giftcard to one of my readers, I immediately jumped on it! A chance to help out a family who is dealing with the same – or maybe more – issues I am? Definitely!

You probably know Kikkoman because you buy their soy sauce or maybe their teriyaki sauce but they make so much more than that! I started buying their Panko breadcrumbs awhile back and I will never buy another brand. They are by far the best breadcrumbs out there. So crisp and delicious! They sent me a fun package of products to try and I was absolutely shocked when I pulled out 2 cartons of soy milk. Who knew, right?!

And how about that giveaway?

The giveaway is for a $25 giftcard to a Commissary. Please only enter if you have access to a Commissary and will use the giftcard.

The giveaway will run until Friday, November 11 at 10 pm Mountain time. I will email the winner and they will have 48 hours to get back to me. If I haven’t heard from them at that point I will draw another winner.

The giveaway is only open to US addresses. And please, please, please only enter if you have access to a Commissary.

To enter, all you have to do is leave me a comment! I wanna know if you’ve tried any Kikkoman products and which ones you plan on using for your holiday cooking. I would also love to know where you’re stationed (or have been stationed if you’re ex-military) if you want to share! :)




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