Did you realize that Easter is only 3 weeks away?

I mean, how crazy is that? Didn’t the year just start? How is it almost April?

Easter is my favorite holiday to cook for because, well, I feel like it’s the easiest. There’s no “How am I going to fit all the casseroles in the oven?!” issues like at Thanksgiving. You know what I mean?

And to make Easter even easier, I love going to HoneyBaked for a few items. HoneyBaked has a variety of premium products that are convenient and easy to serve which makes them perfect for a holiday meal.

It does not get better than a HoneyBaked Ham. Look that at sweet crunchy crust! Each ham is slow-smoked for over 20 hours and then hand-glazed in store. The one you see below is the mini ham which serves 6 – 8 but they also have a larger Half Ham that serves 12 – 20. Best part? You simply pull it out of the fridge about 30 minutes before serving. No cooking, no need to warm it, nothing. 

(They also have a Turkey Breast that comes smoked or roasted if you aren’t into ham.) 

I picked up a couple sides while I was there and I highly recommend both of them. I got the Macaroni and Cheese and the Broccoli Bacon Bliss. The Macaroni and Cheese can either be warmed in the oven or the microwave and the Broccoli Bacon Bliss is a cold salad that comes ready to serve! My family loves both but we especially love that Broccoli Bacon Bliss. 

HoneyBaked has several other side dish options plus desserts! And rolls! And even cinnamon rolls! (Sides and desserts may vary based on location.)

Along with buying a few items to make your Easter day easy, I highly recommend getting the bulk of your work done ahead of time. Like I said, Easter’s easy compared to other holidays – pasta salads, bread for ham sandwiches… that kind of stuff can be made ahead of time. 

Speaking of sandwiches, that’s one thing my family loves to do. Instead of doing a huge feast, we’ll do a sandwich bar with ham and turkey, a couple cheese choices, and all the fixins. And then we’ll just do a salad on the side and call it a day. It’s delicious and so much less work than a big dinner! 

Easter’s also really easy when it comes to decorating. Fresh flowers, dyed eggs, and anything bright and cheery! 

If you have kids, you probably end up with 30 dyed eggs like I do. What are you supposed to do with so many hardboiled eggs? Deviled eggs, of course! Always a crowd-pleaser, too! I can honestly say I’ve never had deviled eggs leftover after a party. I’ve got a Southwestern Deviled Egg recipe and a Caesar Deviled Egg recipe if you’re looking for something new to try. And like I mentioned earlier, these can definitely be made ahead of time! 

Let me know if you have other Easter tips – I can always use more!

If you’re wanting to get a HoneyBaked Ham or Turkey Breast for your Easter dinner, I’ve got a $5 off $50 coupon that is valid until April 4, 2015! 

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.