(Please note the chubby baby arm reaching for the pretzel. *dies*)

My oldest (5) has reached the veggie-hating age. He has a couple that he likes but the rest? He dismisses with a “I don’t like that!” even if he’s never tried it! Suuuuuper frustrating. My 2 year old will at least try¬†everything but he’s not much of a veggie fan either.

This past weekend we headed out to the farmer’s market and I gave each kid a couple bucks to spend on the vegetable of their choice. But the rule was that they had to eat whatever they chose!

After a couple spins around the market, they decided on lettuce and some pretty carrots. Carrots are one of the veggies that they both like so I knew those would be winners but I was worried they would both refuse to try the lettuce. But my oldest was so excited by this idea that he volunteered to wash it when we got home (but wasn’t too thrilled to find a bug in it!) and then requested a sandwich with lots of lettuce and some of his brothers carrots on the side.

He loved the it! I asked if I could make a salad with it and he said I could but then he stared at me the whole time to make sure I didn’t use all of his lettuce.

Definitely a victory for mom!

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