This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

It is time for the final herb garden check-in!

The herbs are doing wonderful and loving their new spot on our porch. When I bought them (the second time around) some of them were a little crispy from being out in the ridiculous Colorado sun all day, every day but since our porch is shady all morning, they are looking much better. They get a good amount of sun in the afternoon and that seems to be plenty for them. The only real problem I am having now is the wind! It’s pretty normal to have 30 MPH winds where we are which the plants aren’t digging but what do you do?

Back when we first moved here, I put some herbs outside in part of the yard that is ridiculously sunny all day and despite watering them twice a day, they eventually dried out and got trashed. So I think we have found a good place for them now.

This project has inspired us to do a few others things around the yard. I mentioned that before we even got our official assignment for this project, my husband was so excited that he went out and bought a bunch of beautiful flowers and planted them in a cute little barrel. Unfortunately, we had a few more snows after that and most of the flowers bit the dust. Some of them are starting to come back now that it is warm and hopefully we can replace the ones that don’t sometime soon. We also have a small pot of bright yellow lilies now that I accidentally bought myself for Mother’s Day that are loving being in the sun most of the day. And every time we go to The Home Depot I have to talk my husband out of fruit trees! He is obsessed with the idea of an apple tree! I am almost positive he is going to come home with one someday soon.

I asked my husband if he had any advice to someone who wanted to plant their first herb garden and he responded with, “Don’t let your wife do it!” So there you go.

My best advice is to plant things that you know you will use. All the herbs I planted are things that I use frequently (minus the purple basil – I’m a little scared of it but it was too pretty to pass up!) in the kitchen. I plan on lots of mojitos in the summer with the mint, lots of tacos with the cilantro, and lots of caprese salads with the basil. I even found a use for the Thai basil in this Spicy Basil Pork:

I really loved working on this and will continue to enjoy my herbs all summer long. Thanks to The Home Depot for allowing me to participate in this project!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.