I know I said that I’m feeling the Superbowl this year but you didn’t think I would leave you without fun ideas, did you?

These cute little football cupcakes are perfect for any Superbowl party! I mean, who doesn’t love cupcakes?! And they couldn’t be any easier. I actually used a boxed mix because cupcakes haven’t been my friend since we moved to 6,000 feet. (The boxed mixes have high altitude directions and always work perfectly.) I also used canned frosting because… well, butter is expensive and canned frosting is cheap!

So the whole project took less than an hour!

To frost football cupcakes: Use a small star tip (I used 21 from Wilton) to pipe chocolate lines back and forth across the cupcakes. You want the lines to be touching but not on top of each other. Use a small round tip (I used 6 from Wilton) to pipe white lines across across the chocolate frosting to make it look like a football.

If you want to make your own cupcakes, I’ve got a vanilla bean cupcake recipe with the best vanilla frosting and an awesome chocolate frosting recipe.



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