My child is fruit crazy. He would choose a pear over m&ms or a peach over a cookie, but the one thing he won’t pick fruit over is ice cream. The kid looooves ice cream. So for this I decided to combine his 2 favorites.

This is so simple, it’s not even a recipe. Kiwis and sugar. That’s it. And you need an ice cream maker, I guess.

It turned out to be so pretty and so delicious. My husband said it was too tart, but I think kiwi sorbet should be kind of tart. A super sweet kiwi would just be bizarre.

Kiwi Sorbet
  • 8 kiwis peeled and diced
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  1. Combine kiwis and sugar in blender and blend until smooth. Transfer to ice cream maker, freezing according to manufacturers instructions.



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