With my kid starting school yesterday, we have officially entered the busy time of year for us. Those hours after school fly by because there’s so much to pack in. My kid literally walks through the door and says I NEED A SNACK and then from there it’s homework, sports, reading, etc, etc, etc. Last night – after the first day of school! ugh! – we were so busy that I didn’t even realize we missed dinner until it was the baby’s bedtime.

It is really nice to have some “meal starter” type items in the pantry for days like that. Kraft recently launched their Recipe Makers which is a line of meal starters that comes with 2 savory sauces so that all you need to do is add your fresh ingredients to complete the meal. I let my kid choose and he went for the Chicken Bruschetta Pasta. The only items I had to buy were boneless chicken breasts, parmesan, and pasta.

It took no time at all to cook up. By the time the pasta had cooked, the rest was ready to go. So no more time than, say, a box of mac & cheese but I got so much more satisfaction out of this. Is anyone else like that? Adding one sauce packet and then letting it simmer for awhile before adding the other made me feel like I was actually making something homemade! It’s obviously not complicated but it definitely felt like I was really cooking. Hopefully y’all get me.

On each box of Recipe Makers, there are 3 different ways to prepare the meal. I love the versatility and I am pretty excited to try all the varieties (most of which you can see in the first photo + Tex Mex Chicken Fajita) in the slow cooker once the weather starts to cool down.

We obviously really loved the pasta and my 6 year old was so proud that he not only picked out something that everyone loved, but that he was also able to do quite a bit of the cooking – with supervision, of course.

If you are near a Safeway store or a Safeway-affiliate you can locate the Recipe Makers in either the meat department on racks near the refrigerated meat coolers or in the “meal starter” aisle with the Safeway Simmer Sauces and such.

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