Want the truth?

Deployment isn’t that bad. I know I talk like it’s the worst thing ever but really, I’m okay for the 23 hours a day that I’m not whining on my blog. Sure, I have my bad days (like last week when my husband was all “Remember how I said I was coming home early?! APRIL FOOLS!”) but for the most part, I really can’t complain.

I not-so-secretly love those few hours after the kids are in bed when I can do whatever I want. These days I’m loving that my kids don’t know how to tell time yet so I can put them in bed an hour early and they can’t argue! An extra hour of no one talking to me is just necessary sometimes.

What do I do with that extra hour? I take a forever long shower and then make these s’mores.

I’ll walk you through the steps.

… slap another graham on top, stuff it in your face, and bask in your awesomeness. Then go make another.

You’re welcome.

(This was day 2 of S’mores week in case you forgot! Nicole made truffles!)

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