We haven’t talked about costumes yet!

Do you have yours? What is it?!

I had to buy costumes for the kids about a month ago because my husband’s work people did a trunk-or-treat thing early in the month since they’ll all be gone over Halloween for pre-deployment training. I always want the kids to pick the cute ones – puppies or cute little monkeys – but they all chose Power Rangers. Even the baby.

I tried to buy a hot dog costume for the husky but when I sent a photo to my husband I got an unenthusiastic “NO”.

If you’re looking for a way to  get your kids to eat some fruit before indulging in all the Halloween candy, try out this dip. I know it’s not exactly healthy with Cool Whip and pudding mix but the fruit part is definitely a win, right? I am no fruit fan but I found myself going back for another and then another and then another apple slice when I made this. It’s really yummy and I have a new love for pistachio pudding.

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Monster Fruit Dip with Mouthy Apples
  • 1 package pistachio instant pudding mix
  • 1 8 ounce cream cheese, softened
  • 1 8-ounce container Cool Whip
  • 1 package edible eyes
  • apples
  • mini marshmallows
  • other fruits for serving
  1. Beat cream cheese and pistachio pudding together until combined. Gently fold in Cool Whip.
  2. Chill for at least an hour before serving. Sprinkle edible eyes on.
  3. To make the mouthy apples, cut red apples into quarters.
  4. Slice a triangle shape on the top of the skin of each slice and scoop out "meat" of the apple the leaving an open spot for marshmallows.
  5. Line up marshmallows to look like teeth. Serve with the dip.



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