If you could have a do-over for one moment of your life, what moment would you choose?

That question was recently posed to me and I agonized over it. Perhaps it would be that half tattoo I have on my back (learn something new about me everyday, huh?) or maybe that time I plucked a name out of thin air when my husband wasn’t present to put on our 2nd child’s birth certificate?

Nope, I wouldn’t change either of those.

See that photo up there? It’s the only photo I have of the day that my husband deployed.

It wasn’t a short day either. We didn’t just pull up, shove him out the door, and peace out. We sat in a parking lot for over an hour before the sun was even up, waiting to drop off gear. We went to breakfast with some friends and their family that had come into town. We spent another 30 minutes waiting at his company and then another 30 minutes saying goodbye. And yet I only have ONE photo and he’s not even in it!

Something about that day just made taking out the camera hard. Just taking the one photo up there felt really… final. I felt like taking pictures was like saying “Well, this might be the last time we’re all together so… let’s take photos!” which is silly because I take photos everyday of everything!

So if I could have any moment to completely do over, I would choose the moment that my husband walked away from us, threw his arm around one of his best friend’s shoulders, and shouted “Someone’s gotta end this blankity blank war!”

Because that would’ve been an awesome photograph.

(Also, this deployment is not even halfway over and I already have our homecoming photographer booked. I am not taking any chances this time y’all!)

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